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  • 1. What will change from this Wednesday, June 9?
  • The interior rooms of bars, restaurants and cafes are allowed to reopen, with a gauge of 50% and no more than six people per table. Sports halls can also reopen to everyone, with a 50% gauge and for non-contact sports.

    To accompany the reopening of these closed places, highly at risk of spreading the virus, the government makes it compulsory to register in a “reminder book”. It makes it possible to contact all the customers present at the same time in the room as a patient of the covid-19.

  • 2. How do I use TousAntiCovid Signal, the digital reminder book?
  • Rather than using a paper reminder notebook, as was the case in the summer of 2020, the government launched TousAntiCovid Signal. This is a new feature of the TousAntiCovid application, which acts as a digital reminder book.

    To make it work, you just have to open the application and activate it (this requires having installed, of course, the application). Then, go to the “Reminder book” section.

    (The Telegram / Nicolas Arzur)

    Press “I Scan” and flash the QR Code available in the establishment where you are.

    Why you're going to have to scan a QR Code to enter a bar or gym
    (The Telegram / Nicolas Arzur)

    If the operation is successful, a “Thank you” message is displayed. From that moment, your presence in the establishment is recorded for two hours in the application.

  • 3. How will I be alerted to a risk of contamination?
  • If a customer tests positive for covid-19 in the following days, and has attended the bar, restaurant or gym at the same time as you, an “orange alert” will be sent to your phone. . She invites you to go get tested and recommends that you limit your contacts.

    An orange alert.
    An orange alert. (François Manens / Numerama)

    If three people test positive, a “red alert” is sent to your phone. She recommends that you “isolate yourself and get tested immediately”.

    The data collected in the digital reminder book is automatically destroyed after 15 days. You have the option of deleting them, manually, before this deadline, from the “Call book log” section.

    Why you're going to have to scan a QR Code to enter a bar or gym
    (The Telegram / Nicolas Arzur)
  • 4. I don’t want to install the application on my phone: what should I do?
  • The managers of the establishments are required to provide an additional paper reminder book. Establishments that do not have a QR Code are required to provide this paper reminder book.

    The data collected in the paper reminder book will be destroyed after 30 days.

  • 5. With digital, will I be tracked?
  • The government defends the use of the digital reminder book rather than paper on the grounds that it avoids manipulations with a pen and prevents distribution on a booklet in full view of all your personal data (name, first name, telephone number, etc.).

    Regarding personal data, “no personal data is collected” by the scanned QR Code, promises the government. Visits to establishments you have attended remain only in your phone, they are not sent to a server. “When you declare yourself sick, the list of places saved on your device is sent to a server, which sends information back to all the phones that have the application. Each phone then compares this list with that of the places visited by its holder, ”explained Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transition, to Le Parisien.

    In addition, the establishment’s QR Code does not refer to any geolocation. “This code corresponds to an encrypted identifier, it does not contain any information on the name or address of the place”, continues the Secretary of State.

    Why you're going to have to scan a QR Code to enter a bar or gym
    (The Telegram / Nicolas Arzur)
  • 6. Are the terraces concerned by this reminder book?
  • No, only indoor room customers are required to be “traced”. “We have targeted poorly ventilated enclosed spaces where the wearing of a mask is not continuous and where the virus can be transmitted more than 5 m away, as well as several hours after the departure of an infected person”, explains Cédric. O.

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  • 7. What happens if I do not register my presence in an establishment?
  • If you do not indicate your presence in an indoor room of a bar, restaurant, café or gym, in digital or paper format, the manager of the establishment is liable to a fine, or even a closure, in the event of a repeat offense and control.

  • 8. Is the reminder book effective from a health point of view?
  • It is difficult to say at the moment. The digital reminder book seems more efficient than the paper one, because the alert is sent automatically, and does not ask that a restaurant itself contact customers who have left their contact details on paper.

    In all cases, the effectiveness of the device relies on the willingness of those alerted to isolate themselves and be tested quickly, to prevent the spread of the virus.

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