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Drawn by lot in 2019, around fifteen members of the Citizen’s Climate Convention (CCC) will take the plunge for the election on the occasion of the regional and departmental elections, driven by a feeling of climatic urgency born during this event. singular democratic experience. “It gave me a slap…”, loose William Aucant, 34-year-old architect-urban planner, “It totally transformed me. »Candidate in 3rd position on the EELV-LFI list in Loire-Atlantique, this Nantes father of two had never campaigned before being drawn with 149 other citizens in the fall of 2019. Today, he beats the campaign for the list of Matthieu Orphelin in Pays de la Loire. “I am still under the mandate that I was given: to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% in ten years,” he said.

“Once you know, you can’t stay at home and do nothing”

This “slap” of awareness of the climate emergency, many speak of as one of the triggers of their candidacy. “Once you know, you can’t stay at home and do nothing”, explains Mélanie Cosnier, 48 years old. “Sometimes, we even say to ourselves that we would prefer not to know,” she admits. Home care assistant, Mélanie Cosnier became “full-time mayor” of Souvigné-sur-Sarthe, her town of 630 inhabitants, somewhat by chance last year. “I’ve never been interested in politics, it’s not my thing. Even now, political politics annoys me a bit, ”says the one who is now head of the EELV-LFI list in Sarthe. Thinking “that the government was doing what it took to reduce greenhouse gases”, she “fell in love” when she discovered that this was not the case, during a training session of the CCC with paleoclimatologist Valérie Masson-Delmotte. “I thought everything was under control,” also recognizes Mélanie Blanchetot, 37 years old. “I had the naivety to believe that it was not for tomorrow, that we had 100 or 200 years to act”, adds this executive, former voter of Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon, now LREM candidate in the canton of Nanterre 2 (Hauts-de-Seine).

“Blown away” by the Citizens’ Convention

Often defying the political class, the 150 spent nine months debating, training and developing 149 proposals to reduce GHGs. “We participated in the legislative process in spite of ourselves. It was fascinating, ”explains Grégoire Fraty, 33, fourth on the LREM list in Calvados (LREM). Running for office is “a natural extension,” he said. “We manage to wear the same measurements with different prisms,” he believes. “The citizens’ convention is first and foremost a democratic success”. “Today, when I have free time, I don’t watch Netflix, I watch La Chaîne Parliamentaire,” even Mélanie Blanchetot slips.

Some members of the CCC were no longer even registered on the electoral lists, such as Grégory Dos Santos, 38-year-old electrician, candidate in Ille-et-Vilaine, 9th on the list of independent environmentalist Daniel Cueff. “There was no party that really attracted me,” he explains, confiding that he was “amazed” by the Convention: “We were 150 citizens from all political stripes and yet we reached a consensus on each measurement. It gave me back confidence in French democracy. “

“We are a business card for the regional”

“I am surprised myself to have gone there” (to the elections), also admits Agny Kpata, 39, who was “not politicized”, “distant” and voted “without having great confidence” but is today 5th on the EELV list in Yvelines. Exposed to the media during the work of the convention, some were solicited by several parties, anxious to attract these citizens like no other. “We are a business card for the regional”, summarizes Yolande Bouin, 60, who says she was approached by three candidates before taking second place on the LFI list of Finistère. “Some have learned to speak up, to be applauded. They tasted the limelight, it quickly gives the melon, “taunts this elected municipal officer of Douarnenez,” the red service “of the CCC and one of the few to have a militant past. “I’m happy that they are going”, she admits anyway, adding: “But there are some who will take an electoral slap). For them, the descent will be hard ”.

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