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If you’re ready to save some money this month, here’s a piece of advice: Think beyond Amazon Prime Day. Yes, the 48-hour, multi-billion-dollar, summertime-deals extravaganza surpasses Black Friday in sales, not to mention hype, for the people behind Amazon Prime. But given the number of rival events — growing year over year like a cluster of barnacles on the hull of Amazon’s flagship — it’s probably smarter to start spreading around your Prime Day deal dollars around during the week of June 20, whether you’re a Prime member or not. 

This year, Amazon’s Prime Day is going to be chock full of excellent Prime Day deals — but so will other simultaneous sales extravaganzas, including Walmart’s upcoming Deals for Days. That deal-o-rama takes place this year from June 20 to 23, longer than Amazon Prime Day 2021, which lasts from June 21 to 22. (If you’re confused about all these deal days, you’re probably not alone; the last time all this happened was less than a year ago, in the fall of 2020, when Walmart launched a five-day answer to Amazon Prime Day called the Big Save.)

Shopping mavens know by now what to expect from Amazon Prime Day — there likely will be many Prime Day deals in electronics (think Amazon Echo Dot and other Amazon devices). There will be plenty of Amazon Prime member offers in the home, kitchen and personal-care categories as well. But what about Walmart’s answer to Amazon Prime Day? Well, let’s take a look at last fall. 

Some of the most ballyhooed offers on came in the kitchen and clothing categories. For example, pricing on a Pioneer-Woman-branded Instant Pot dropped by half. But that’s not all — nor is it the only category that saw deals. Here are some of Walmart’s featured deals from last year, plus a few pre-Prime Day deals you can snag right now.

55-inch 4K smart TV with Roku built in


Electronics also had a moment, particularly TVs. A 55-inch Roku smart LED TV by JVC saw a price drop of 37%. That model is no longer available, but this 55-inch 4-Series Roku TV is, delivering a quality 4K picture for just $362.

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