breaking news What is the risk of the spectator at the origin of the fall at the Tour de France? – The 2021 Tour de France in Brest

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With a cardboard sign one meter long and on which one could read “Go Opi-Omi!” », A spectator is at the origin of a major fall of the peloton. The sign was hit by a runner, causing cascading falls during this first stage of the Great Loop, this Saturday, June 26, around 4:15 p.m., in Saint-Rivoal (29), in the heart of the Monts d’Arrée. .

Can runners who have fallen to the ground lodge a complaint? “An incident can be the subject of three types of action: disciplinary, civil and criminal,” replied the UCI (International Cycling Union) to the newspaper Liberation, in July 2018. Regarding the disciplinary aspect, if the spectator does not he is not a UCI licensee, he is not subject to the regulations of the Federation and cannot be penalized as such ”.

“On the other hand, and still according to Liberation, the organizer can be penalized if the UCI finds a security failure”.

“With regard to the civilian component,” explains the UCI, “any person or entity having suffered economic damage as a result of the fall would be legitimate to seek compensation. This could therefore also include the team and the organizer as the case may be ”.

“As regards the penal aspect, continues the UCI, only the injured rider has a priori an action against the spectator who made him fall”.

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