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While the Russian president welcomes a strengthening of the Russia-EU dialogue, Ukraine denounced this potential recovery, believing that it would constitute a “dangerous divergence from European sanctions policy”.

President Vladimir Putin supports a Franco-German proposal aimed at relaunching direct contacts with Russia and the Russian head of state at European level, the Kremlin spokesman said on June 24. “We perceive this initiative positively. Vladimir Putin is in favor of the creation of a mechanism for dialogue and contacts between Brussels and Moscow, ”Dmitry Peskov told the press, while Ukraine denounced this prospect which, according to it, undermines the policy of sanctions. .

Ukraine wants sanctions policy to continue

While EU leaders could pave the way on June 24 for a resumption of summits with Russia, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kouleba for his part denounced a “dangerous divergence from European sanctions policy” against the government of Vladimir Putin.

Kiev believes that the suspension of the high-level political dialogue between the EU and Russia is an integral part of the EU’s sanctions policy against Russia. “Initiatives to resume EU-Russia summits without seeing any progress from Moscow […] can only undermine the effectiveness of the sanctions regime and further dissuade Russia from implementing the Minsk accords ”adopted in 2015 to end violence in eastern Ukraine, according to Ukrainian foreign minister after an interview in Brussels with the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell.
He recalled in this regard that the decision to suspend the summits between the EU and Russia had been taken in 2014 in the context of the reunification of Crimea with Russia following a referendum, which Ukraine considers to be “an aggression of Russia”. “Russia unfortunately shows no desire to change its policy, neither towards Ukraine nor towards the EU. We believe that the resumption of summits has no basis, ”insisted the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Kremlin spokesman said he was following closely the evolution of Angela Merkel’s proposal for the resumption of dialogue between the EU and Russia. French President Emmanuel Macron has followed in Chancellor’s footsteps, but Moscow still has to rely on other EU countries to bring about a recovery. “For the moment, no real preparations have taken place,” explained Dmitry Peskov. “The point is that this initiative was indeed proposed by Angela Merkel, then subsequently supported by Emmanuel Macron, but the discussion within the EU will take place with the participation of other member countries, which is why it is very important to see if they agree on this point or not ”, finally underlined cautiously the spokesman of the Kremlin.

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