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Valérie Bacot, “very clearly a victim” according to the public prosecutor, came out free, Friday, from the Assize Court of Saône-et-Loire, after having been sentenced to a symbolic sentence for the murder of her pimp husband.

The 40-year-old mother of four was sentenced to four years in prison, three of which were suspended, which allowed her not to be reincarcerated upon leaving the Chalon-sur-Saône court, considering the year that she has already spent in pre-trial detention.

Thunderous applause

The members of the Assize Court thus went further in leniency than the public prosecutor who had already requested a moderate sentence of five years in prison, four of which were suspended, by qualifying as a “victim” the one who was raped, beaten and prostituted for years by her tyrannical husband.

A thunderous applause erupted as the verdict was read, some relatives of the accused bursting into tears. Reading the motivations of the court and the jury, President Céline Therme underlined that they had retained “the terror” in which Valérie Bacot lived and the “multiple traumas of her childhood”.

“Valérie Bacot could not take the life of the one who terrorized her” but it is necessary “to fix the ban without reincarceration”, had estimated in his requisitions the Advocate General Eric Jallet, stressing that his four children “needed” their mother.

25 years of rape and violence

The accused killed with a bullet in the neck, at the age of 35, Daniel Polette, 61, on March 13, 2016, after nearly 25 years of rape and violence, then forced prostitution. She faced life imprisonment.

“A society that does justice to itself is war against each other,” said the Advocate General. But “Valérie Bacot is a victim, very clearly,” he admitted. The defense considered that a conviction, however lenient, would still be too much for Valérie Bacot.

“How could society seek redress from Valérie Bacot when it did not know how to protect her?” », Asked Nathalie Tomasini who, with Janine Bonaggiunta, defends Mrs Bacot. The two lawyers were the advice of Jacqueline Sauvage, who became the symbol of domestic violence after being convicted of killing her husband, then pardoned in 2016.

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