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Donald Trump held his first rally since the election of Joe Biden and at the same time launched the campaign for the US midterm elections, with an eye already fixed on the 2024 presidential election. Another rally is scheduled for July 3.

June 26 marked Donald Trump’s return to the political arena. The former US president held his first meeting in Ohio since leaving the White House, and the fundamentals of his speech have not changed. He thus targeted the immigration policy of his successor Joe Biden and called on the Republicans to regain a majority in Congress.

“You have millions of people entering our country. We have no idea who they are. Joe Biden is doing exactly the opposite of what we did, ”he said in particular. The real estate mogul has still not explicitly recognized the victory of his successor. “Joe Biden is destroying our nation, right in front of our eyes […] Who the hell knows what will happen in 2024, we won’t even have a country! ”He added.

But it is on the subject of the mid-term elections of November 8, 2022 that Donald Trump was most anticipated by his party. The former head of state himself presented this rally, which took place in Wellington near Cleveland, as the “very first meeting of the 2022 election”, while the Democrats only have very short majorities in both houses of Congress. “We’re going to take over the House, we’re going to take over the Senate, and we’re going to take over America, and we’re going to do it soon,” the 75-year-old said.

A campaign against the Democrats … and some Republicans

In Ohio, Donald Trump officially came to campaign for former White House aide Max Miller, who is running against House Republican Anthony Gonzalez, one of ten House Republicans who voted for the indictment of Donald Trump after the events on Capitol Hill on January 6.

Donald Trump has long promised to campaign against these ten Republicans. He also backed an opponent of Senator Lisa Murkowski, the only one of seven Senate Republicans who voted for his conviction during his impeachment trial last February, in which he was acquitted.

Still largely influential within the Republican Party, Donald Trump once again raised the possibility of running for re-election in 2024: “We have won the elections twice and we may have to win them a third time. It’s possible.” After his victory against Hillary Clinton in 2016, the billionaire was beaten by Joe Biden in 2020. A defeat he does not recognize.

Donald Trump had, of course, already delivered speeches at several Republican events since his electoral defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, but this rally in a state that he won in the 2020 presidential election marks a return to mass rallies to maintain the support of its electoral base. Two other public appearances are on his agenda: a trip to the Mexican border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on June 30, and a rally in Sarasota, Fla., On July 3.

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