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Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, announced on June 28 that the end of reimbursement for Covid-19 tests will arise “around the start of the school year”. The objective would be to push the French to be vaccinated rather than be tested.

The question of stopping the reimbursement of screening tests against Covid-19 “will arise around the start of the school year” in the government, its spokesperson Gabriel Attal said on June 28.

“Around the start of the school year, it is a question that will arise, I am not making an announcement here, of course, but the question may arise,” he said at the microphone of Franceinfo. Emmanuel Macron had already hinted on May 27 that “no door is[était] closed ”on compulsory vaccination.

The National Academy of Medicine denounces the screenings for “personal convenience”

On June 23, the National Academy of Medicine had recommended to “suspend reimbursement of tests […] performed for personal convenience (obtaining a health pass, international travel, participation in collective events) in unvaccinated people […] in order to rapidly raise the national level of immunization coverage during the summer ”.

“Among the factors that can deter individuals from vaccination, we must question the repeated use of RT-PCR or antigenic tests which are offered free of charge on French soil unlike most European countries”, had questioned the Academy in a press release. This is not the first time that the Academy has been critical of the tests, particularly pointing out the risks of injury when not done correctly.

The government spokesperson has ruled out this option for the moment because people are still waiting “to have their second dose” and “have nothing to do with it”.

In Europe, the PCR test is also free in Denmark, Norway, Montenegro and the region of Bavaria in Germany. Elsewhere, the cost of a test ranges from a few dozen euros to over 200 euros in the UK. As of June 27, 33,322,155 French people had received a first dose of vaccine and 21,126,144 had been fully vaccinated.

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