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A new device is about to enter our welfare state: the “Engagement income for young people”. Announced on July 12 by Emmanuel Macron during his televised address, it aims to support people having difficulty starting work. In gestation for several months, the measure in question will be finalized with the support of a “Committee” which was to meet for the first time Thursday, July 22, under the aegis of the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne.

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The President of the Republic intends to present ” in September “ the exact contours of this “Engagement income”, who “Will concern unemployed young people or [sans] training and will be based on a logic of duties and rights ”, he said, July 12. Mr. Macron is thus involved in a reform project which, until now, had another name: the “universal youth guarantee”. Launched at the beginning of the year by Mme Borne, this site aims to offer a “Accompaniment” individualized professional, with an allowance for those who need it. The mechanism is also intended to bring together the multiple existing systems, including the youth guarantee, which combines professional immersions and financial assistance for 16-25 year-olds who are neither in school, nor in training, nor at work.

Rights “but also duties”

If the device under construction has therefore just changed its name, the motivations remain unchanged. The power in place intends, in fact, to promote a scheme, which it deems preferable to the creation of an active solidarity income (RSA) for young people, claimed for years by many associations.

The committee, which was to begin its work on Thursday, is made up of eighteen personalities from various backgrounds: local elected officials, parliamentarians, associations, the employment center, network of local missions which is responsible for implementing the youth guarantee, etc. Their task will be to continue the reflection underway since January. The discussions promise to be intense, in particular on the compensation requested from young people. For the Ministry of Labor, one of the pillars of the reform is in the“Real commitment” beneficiaries, “Which will condition the payment of income”. The audiences concerned will have rights “But also homework” : “To train, to register in the course [qui leur correspond] or carry out an activity (…) adapted ”.

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