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breaking news Tony Hawk barged into the Tokyo Olympics skateboard park and showed how it’s done

breaking news

But the 53-year-old still “barged” into Ariake’s urban sports park on Thursday to show off some of his signature moves.

Hawk, an NBC correspondent for the games that officially begin Friday, hailed the sport’s Olympic debut on Instagram, sharing a video of his exploits:

“As a kid who was mainly blasted for my interest in skateboarding, I never imagined it would be part of the Olympics,” said the 12-time world champion, who has officially retired from competition. in 2003, captioned the clip, calling it “surreal to be in Tokyo now to witness this milestone under the most unprecedented circumstances.”

“I know that ultimately it will help develop the profile of skateboarding internationally, exposing our passion to an audience that has never seen it before or who simply refused to embrace it,” Hawk continued. “A whole new generation will be able to experience skateboarding with real public support and significant opportunities. I predict this will be one of the highlights of all Olympic Games coverage this year. And that’s what I’m here for.


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