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Breaking news | Tiger Woods Car Crash – Latest: Golfer Lucky To Survive After Genesis Luxury SUV Crash, Police Say

Breaking news


“It’s very lucky for Mr. Woods to come out alive.”

This is the latest from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department MP Carlos Gonzalez, one of the first officers to arrive at the scene after golfer Tiger Woods destroyed his SUV outside of Los Angeles. Tuesday. He said the golfer was wearing his seat belt, which could have saved his life, and appeared “calm and lucid”.

The PGA legend, who suffered “serious injuries to both legs” according to officials, was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after his car struck a median and rolled end to end for about 100 feet until settling on the side of the road.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told a news conference Tuesday that there was “no evidence of depreciation” at the scene of the incident.

“There was no evidence of impairment,” Mr. Villanueva said during his remarks. “There has been no effort to draw blood, for example, in the hospital.”

Sheriffs will investigate the incident for various causes and publish their findings within days or weeks.

A second accident occurred after another driver pulled over to help Mr Woods, local officials said. The wreckage was minor and no one was injured.

A large number of sports figures, as well as former President Donald Trump, have become the first to publicly send their “prayers” and “thoughts” to Mr Woods, via social media, as he is being treated at the hospital.

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