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Representatives of Congress stepped up to the plate after elected Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar questioned the US Secretary of State on the responsibility of certain states for war crimes.

It all started with a video posted on June 7 by Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, in which she interviewed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on justice mechanisms available to victims of war crimes around the world.

To accompany her filmed intervention, the elected Democrat then wrote on social networks that it was necessary to demonstrate “the same level of responsibility and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity”, adding: “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the United States, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and the Taliban. ”

A group of elected Jewish Democrats steps up to the plate

The parallel did not go unnoticed since it earned Ilhan Omar to be quickly pinned within his own political camp. “It is a group of elected Democrats of Jewish faith in the House who publicly and harshly criticized their colleague,” AFP reports.

These elected officials thus summoned the representative of Minnesota to clarify her remarks, not being able to accept that she put the United States, Israel, Hamas and the Taliban on the same level. “To ignore the differences between democracies governed by the rule of law and despicable organizations which engage in terrorism is, at best, to discredit the argument one wants to make and, at worst, to reflect deeply prejudices. anchored. False equivalences provide cover for terrorist groups ”, we can read in particular in the press release prosecution against Ilhan Omar.

Faced with the approach of her colleagues, the elected representative of the House of Representatives reacted June 10 on Twitter, saying it was “shameful” that they favored a public request for clarification instead of just calling it. And Ilhan Omar to denounce the silence of his signatories concerning “the constant harassment” aimed at her.

The elected Democrat also received support from other members of Congress. “When state actors, including democracies, or non-state actors, such as terrorist organizations, engage in acts that indiscriminately kill civilians or commit gross human rights violations, such as torture or indefinite detention, there should be internationally recognized mechanisms to hold them to account and uphold agreed humanitarian standards. Representative Omar has asked a serious question, which is her right as a member of Congress, ”for example wrote Representative Betty McCollum.

“To be clear: the conversation was about the responsibility of each of these four actors in investigations already opened by the International Criminal Court […] I was in no way making a comparison between terrorist organizations and democratic countries relying on well-established legal systems ”, for his part clarified Ilhan Omar, quoted by AFP who specifies that such a clarification was quickly welcomed by the Democratic leaders of the House.

The explanations of Ilhan Omar did not, however, silence the critics of the Republicans, who continue to call on the Democratic leaders to act to sanction her after her “despicable” remarks. Some could demand very soon a vote of censure or to oust him from his seat on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, AFP explains. As a reminder, Ilhan Omar is the subject of a petition to this effect, posted online two years earlier by the young and controversial American identity activist Jacob Wohl. Entitled “Remove Representative Ilhan Omar from the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs”, the petition has so far accumulated nearly 300,000 signatures and denounces the alleged anti-Semitism of the elected Minnesota.

In 2019, Ilhan Omar was pinned in the House for his support for the international campaign to boycott Israel, then for his comments on the pro-Israel lobby Aipac.

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