breaking news the sanitary pass divides the left, divided between opposition and requests for development

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Between the health imperative and the defense of fundamental freedoms, the left is hesitating, at the time of the examination by the Parliament of the bill enshrining the extension of the health pass, from Tuesday, July 20. Left, sometimes, to swim in troubled waters, alongside a galaxy of “antivax” reinvigorated by the announcements of the Head of State, or, conversely, to remain speechless in the face of government measures.

Within La France insoumise (LFI), the announcements of Emmanuel Macron, during his televised address on July 12, immediately aroused frank opposition. What does it matter if the upsurge in anti-ax movements has thrown conspirators and “rebels” side by side. Jean-Luc Mélenchon had nevertheless taken the lead. Friday July 16, in an intervention broadcast on social networks, the presidential candidate composed a speech in two parts. To oppose the generalization of the health pass in the name of freedoms on the one hand, to distance oneself, on the other, with the excesses of anti-ax speeches.

Calls to demonstrate

A balancing act. “It’s not a small thing that has been decided, it’s a profound change in our way of living, argued Mr. Mélenchon. Anyone who believes they will live a normal life from now on (…), the opposite is going to happen, you will be able to be controlled all the time. “ Referring to the various calls to demonstrate during the weekend of July 17, he invited “rebellious” sympathizers, if they were to join them, to “Do not allow them to be confused or that we are all confused with terms that we consider to the parliamentary group to be completely inappropriate”.

“No, the voluntary vaccine is not apartheid and its dissemination is not the Shoah”, underlined Mr. Mélenchon, condemning in advance the parallels drawn by the most extremist opponents with the vaccine policy.

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So it is strong with this warning – or in spite of it? – that François Ruffin, himself vaccinated, called to parade alongside the “yellow vest” Jérôme Rodrigues, in Paris. But the deputy for the Somme did not go there on Saturday, a few streets away from another Parisian procession led by Florian Philippot and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

“Since Macron’s announcements, there is a blast effect, apart from us and the RN, and maybe [le groupe] Freedoms and territories, I did not hear much reluctance. How, in a month and a half, did we go from an assembly upwind against the sanitary pass to that? “, asks Eric Coquerel, deputy (LFI) for Seine-Saint-Denis, who said to himself, on Saturday, “Wholeheartedly with Jérôme Rodrigues and the demonstrators”. The LFI deputies plan to seize the Constitutional Council on the bill, like their colleagues from the right-wing and center majority in the Senate.

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