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Investigations will be carried out after clashes with the police and looting that occurred on the evening of July 18 in Fort-de-France. The day before, clashes had already broken out after a demonstration against sanitary measures.

The prefect of the Martinique region Stanislas Cazelles condemned the violence that broke out on the evening of July 18, asserting that “investigations [seraient] diligently to arrest the alleged thugs and punish this unacceptable behavior ”.

In this French island, where a curfew is applied again at 9 p.m. due to the worsening health situation, clashes between the police forces and groups of young individuals on the island that evening. main road of Terres Sainville, popular district of Fort-de-France.

A wooden house and three vehicles were destroyed by fire, causing no casualties. Looting also took place in computer hardware stores and in a motorcycle shop in shopping areas around the city.

The police arrested seven people on the evening of July 17 during a demonstration against restrictive health measures, which had degenerated in the center of Fort-de-France.

Serge Letchimy, the new president of the executive council of the Assembly of Martinique, called for “appeasement and dialogue”, arguing in a statement that “the issue of vaccination [était] a collective and individual issue in this context of serious health crisis that we are going through ”. “Taking positions for personal and ethical reasons is legitimate. They must be heard and respected in their diversity, ”he added.

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