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During an electrical session, the National Assembly began on July 21 the examination of the disputed bill providing for extending the health pass and to impose vaccination on caregivers. The opposition gave voice against the project.

On July 21, the National Assembly launched the examination of the highly contested bill which should extend the health pass and make vaccination compulsory for caregivers. Hostility to the bill, which was expressed in the streets on July 17, has not weakened the government’s desire to legislate on this issue despite the nearly 1,100 amendments tabled. New health restrictions defended tooth and nail by the executive in the face of the increase in Covid-19 contamination in France, due in particular to the delta variant.

Thus on TF1, the Prime Minister, alarmist, declared in order to support his project: “In the fourth wave, we are there”. In the process, Jean Castex launched “a collective challenge” to the population to reach “eight million vaccines” administered in the next two weeks.

After an examination in parliamentary committee the day before until 5 am this morning, the very eventful parliamentary session started with the rejection by the majority of a series of amendments of the opposition aimed at removing the key elements of the legislative project.

At the opening of this parliamentary session, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran fervently defended his text and attacked his opponents with irony: “Sheep are not what we believe”, declared the minister for pay homage to the “country which holds its own”, to the majority of French people who “do not vociferate”.

During debates marked by palpable tension, the opposition was able to express its criticism of the executive. Thus Marine Le Pen, president of the National Rally, made her voice heard on the subject by denouncing beyond the simple health issue what she considers to be a fracture within society: “The rupture that exists between the people and its elites is the result of lack of respect. “

For the president of Debout la France, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, with this project, the government will “deprive more than 20 million French people of their freedom”. He mentioned about the sanitary pass “an uncontrollable gas plant” and an “inapplicable” project.

The Republican deputy Fabien Di Filippo expressed his incomprehension in the face of what seems to him to be inconsistencies in the text: “How to explain that he [le pass sanitaire] will not be imposed in large shopping centers but in small outdoor events? ”

The left, not to be outdone, has also thundered against the government’s plan. Thus, Alexis Corbière, deputy of rebellious France and close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, denounced what he considers to be a lack of consideration towards national representation on the part of the President of the Republic: “It’s the truth, it is not the Parliament which took the decision, it is the President of the Republic! “

It’s generalized absurd

The rebellious deputy Mathilde Panot described a text “absurd and incoherent”, adding not to understand that the vaccination obligation is imposed on the nursing staff but “not for the police” before concluding: “It is the generalized absurd!”

For her part, the Socialist deputy Valérie Rabault spoke of “flawed solutions which tense society” and criticized the “version proposed” by the government.

“We have no visibility at the start of the school year, we’re sick of your guesswork. Anticipate, make vaccination compulsory, ”said Lamia El Aaraje of the Socialist Party, whose parliamentarians have spoken out against the past but to make the vaccine against Covid-19 compulsory for the whole of society.

I’m afraid we’re getting used to what seemed unimaginable just a few weeks ago to all of us

Isolated within his parliamentary group, Pacôme Rupin, deputy of the presidential majority, expressed his concerns and doubts about the bill: “I fear that we are getting used to what seemed to us a few weeks ago, to all, unimaginable. “

Aurélien Taché, former member of the presidential majority, who created the New Democrats party, also expressed his opposition to the project: “This law is the establishment of the famous” vigilance society “dear to Emmanuel Macron and which is in reality nothing more than a surveillance company! ”

MP Martine Wonner, excluded from her group in the National Assembly after comments inciting to “invade” the offices of parliamentarians and who is preparing to launch her own “movement”, electrified the Chamber by declaring that the health pass would “stigmatize the population” and create “segregation between individuals”.

A mobilization was still taking place this July 21 in Paris, against the government bill debated in the National Assembly.

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