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White scarf flocked with black ermines worn over the shoulder, five regional advisers of the National Rally (RN) gathered, this Monday morning in May, in the heart of the demonstration against the construction of a wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc ( Côtes-d’Armor). After disrupting the speech Marc Le Fur, deputy and regional councilor (Les Républicains, LR), the elected RNs seize the microphone to denounce in their turn “Those steel monsters”. The Lepenist movement is thus continuing to establish itself in Brittany, a region where votes in favor of extremes have always been very low. With some success, according to the Ipsos-Sopra Steria-France 3 survey, published on Wednesday, June 9. On the evening of the first round of the regional election, on June 20, the far-right party would take the lead, ahead of the other twelve candidate lists, with 20% of the voting intentions. Leader of the Breton RN, Gilles Pennelle welcomes: “This political earthquake is possible thanks to the credibility and readability acquired in recent years. “

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After the accession of Marine Le Pen to the presidency of the party, in 2011, this former professor of history and geography of Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine), a rural commune of 20,000 inhabitants, reactivated the tattered movement in the peninsula. His ambition at the time? “To demonize the National Front. “ After becoming a municipal councilor of his municipality, this former close to Bruno Mégret qualified his list in the second round of the regional election in 2015 (18.87% of the votes) and obtained 12 elected seats. Since then, he has used the tribune of the Breton hemicycle to “Anchor the party” in the local landscape.

A “favorable cocktail”

Eloquent, Gilles Pennelle likes to position himself as a defender of rurality. He opposes the metropolises, in particular Rennes, hermetic to the RN vote and populated according to him of “Scooter sores”, in the countryside where some towns in Central Brittany have voted for Mr.me Le Pen during the 2017 presidential election. Economic tensions in the agro-industry, however less than in the rest of the country, and social tensions like the movements of “red caps” then “yellow vests” »Form, according to the RN, a “Favorable cocktail” to its rise in power.

A fervent defender of the Breton intensive agricultural model criticized for its environmental impacts, Gilles Pennelle is preparing to advise Mr.me Le Pen on agricultural issues

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