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Tribune. Intended to hide the futility of the last change of government, the appointment of Eric Dupond-Moretti as Keeper of the Seals was a “coup” which now turns every day more to the confirmation of the casting error. To have replaced the valiant Nicole Belloubet, professor of law, former member of the Constitutional Council, having succeeded in the great multiannual law of March 23, 2019, by the “ogre of the courts”, the “bête noire” of the judges – as he describes himself itself – is part of this primacy of “seen on TV” which has little to do with ministerial requirements, especially those of Place Vendôme, the most demanding of all.

This is also the reason why François Bayrou had resigned even before being indicted. Other times, other manners, one will say? And yet, it was four years ago, in this beginning five-year term, with its new values ​​which then commanded respect. The indictment of the Keeper of the Seals is triple unprecedented: because it is the first time that an indictment by the Court of Justice of the Republic has affected a minister in office, because it concerns precisely the object of the positions currently occupied and because it is the Minister of Justice.

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This indictment does not target, for example, past illegal political financing or an act of corruption already carried out. It bears on the current mode of exercise of his functions by the Keeper of the Seals, who is accused of mixing the genres between his old job and his current position. Clearly, he is suspected of continuing to advocate for his former clients, or even to avenge them from the top of the judicial hierarchy where he now finds himself.

Mr. Dupond-Moretti is at this stage presumed innocent

The situation allowing the infringement is therefore current. The elementary precaution could have consisted in asking him to withdraw both to put an end to this situation generating crimes and to put an end to this suspicion, even if Mr. Dupond-Moretti is of course presumed innocent at this stage.

But this conflict of interest, if it turns out, will not come as much of a surprise, as many expected Mr.e Dupond-Moretti is overtaken by his business. Indeed, the self-proclaimed “Acquitator”, that the careful examination of his record as a lawyer (Balkany, Merah, Pastor cases, to take only the most recent) should include under the more consistent nickname of “Condamnator”, had too many files in progress for his nomination to Place Vendôme not to telescope a few.

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