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Each prefect will now clearly know what the government expects of him for his department. This will be the subject of a roadmap endorsed by the Prime Minister. Jean Castex will be in Haute-Saône, Friday July 23, to sign the first of them, addressed to the prefect. This will be one of the salient elements of the sixth interministerial committee for the public transformation of the five-year term that Mr. Castex will chair in Vesoul. Objective: to assess the progress of the reform of the State and, once again, to put the pressure.

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The roadmaps will allow this. “Until now, the prefects had no result targets”, remind the World the Minister of Transformation and Public Service, Amélie de Montchalin. The letter will give them “A clear government mandate” by setting objectives and a timetable for public action and reforms. On average, about fifteen per department for a period of three years.

“Individual and personal letter”

How to step over the presidential election, which will be held in nine months. “These are policies of general interest, pleads Mme de Montchalin. We are not going to stop fiber in 2022… ” For the minister, planning is ” a strength “ because ” this is part of a logic of irreversibility and continuity in relation to things that the French have been waiting for for decades ”. However, she recalls, the previous majorities had a drawback: “We stop a year before the election and it takes a year to restart. This is how the country is wasting time. “ For the prefects, who ensure the continuity of the state during electoral periods, there is nothing surprising about this. “The letter is certainly individual and personal, specifies Bertrand Gaume, prefect of Vaucluse. But it is also addressed to the function. It therefore continues if I leave my post before three years. “

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Each letter will contain an inventory of the department, local issues, a list of priority policies (among the 88 defined by the government) and projects, and indicators to measure what has been done. Certain priorities are frequent, whether it concerns the end of the crisis and the recovery plan or security. In the department of Mr. Gaume, the fight against drug trafficking takes on a particular tone. It was in Avignon, in fact, that a police officer was killed at the beginning of May while he was intervening on a “point of deal”.

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