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The health pass must now be presented in public places accommodating more than 50 people, against 1,000 previously. Among them: theaters and sports, as well as museums, according to a decree published in the Official Journal.

The anti-Covid health pass must now be presented in a certain number of places welcoming at least 50 people, against 1,000 previously, such as theaters, games, sports or museums, according to a decree published on July 20 in Official newspaper. This health pass (proving the complete vaccination, a recent negative test or the immunization) was already in force in these places and establishments, but the gauge was lowered to 50 people against 1,000 previously, according to this decree which modifies a part of the original decree dating from June.

These are essentially places or establishments intended for “cultural, recreational, sporting or festive activities as well as fairs or professional shows”, according to the text of this decree.

Museums and libraries have, however, been added to the list of these places previously defined by the original decree. This concerns in particular places of worship, conference and performance halls, cinemas, marquees, games and dance halls, trade fairs or exhibitions of a temporary nature, as well as covered sports establishments.

Also concerned by this lowering of the gauge are “cultural, sporting, fun or festive events organized in public space or in a place open to the public”. The Council of Ministers adopted on July 19 the bill including the obligation to vaccinate caregivers and extending the health pass, with some relaxations on fines and controls. This text begins on July 20 on its way to Parliament before a possible adoption at the end of the week. In particular, it provides for the extension of the health pass, in particular to cafes, restaurants and trains “from the beginning of August”.

But uncertainties remain as to its application to shopping centers: the government wishes to maintain the obligation to present it in the largest establishments but must find the right formula, taking into account the opinion of the Council of State which considers that the access to basic necessities must be guaranteed.

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