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Published Tuesday, and confirmed by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, the decree which allows the public to unmask themselves in places whose access is subject to the presentation of the health pass causes a stir. Whether it is politicians in the National Assembly or scientists, the measure is causing concern, at a time when certain cities and certain departments are beginning to again impose the wearing of masks outside.

An incentive

For Antoine Flahault, specialist in epidemics and public health at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, this decree encourages vaccination: “The French government intends to promote the vaccinated. This decree goes in this direction ”. After indicating, this Wednesday, to AFP, that with controls, the risk of transmission would be low, the researcher specified, on Twitter, three cases in which the mask must be kept: “In the presence of children of less than 12 years in closed and poorly ventilated places. They are not vaccinated and therefore at high risk of being infected. It is the same as soon as vulnerable people or people over 80 years old are in closed places ”. Finally, he warns, in full rise of the Delta variant: “This measure must be accompanied by strict controls and penalties in the event of breach of the rules”.

Empower the unvaccinated

Antoine Flahault brushes aside the issue of discrimination against the unvaccinated. According to him, the government makes them responsible: “All the scientists who base their reasoning on observations, for example those coming from the Israeli or British experience, believe that we will not get out of this nightmare without mass vaccination. Without vaccination, we would be witnessing a massacre in France and in all Western countries. Thanks to the vaccine, we escape what some African countries are experiencing, which would like to have the doses that some Europeans refuse. The Russians, reluctant to be vaccinated (less than 25% of people have received at least one dose), pay a very heavy price, with nearly 800 deaths reported per day for several weeks. How, in view of these differences, can one be reluctant to the safe and effective vaccination which is available to the European population free of charge? “

Everyone is in their role

A “proportionate” response

This measure, unveiled after the announcements of a tightening of the rules of access to public places, does it aim to promote the social acceptability of the decisions taken to curb the spread of covid-19? For Antoine Flahault, “everyone is in their role: scientists discuss research data and the observation of the epidemic situation and advise the authorities and the population, while politicians take decisions integrating the different aspects of the problem, including the scientific aspects, but not only those. Social acceptance is very important to gain and maintain in order to fight this pandemic. The French response seems to me proportionate. It tries both to counter the fourth wave and to preserve the summer of the French and the many Europeans who stay on its territory to rest there, after a trying winter ”.

The direct

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