breaking news The climate law, “insufficient” for some, “profound ecological transformation” for others

breaking news

The clap of end sounded, Tuesday, July 20, at the end of the afternoon, when the deputies, a few hours after the senators, adopted (by 233 votes against 35) the Climate and Resilience bill, a text resulting from the joint joint committee which was held on July 12 and concluded with an agreement between the two chambers on the final text.

A considerable work which ends, after hundreds of hours of examination by the parliamentarians, by the adoption of more than a thousand amendments, 311 articles of which 45% come from the first version voted by the Assembly national, 33% of the version of the Senate and 22% of the initial version proposed by the government.

The report : “The bill is not up to the task”: in Paris or Lyon, demonstrators for the climate disappointed on the eve of the opening of the parliamentary debate

If the text is not transmitted to the Constitutional Council, the law will be promulgated in the coming weeks and the first measures of what the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, called “A profound ecological transformation of French society”, “The greatest ecological law of the five-year term”, should intervene quickly. Such, we advance in the ministry, “Starting this year, weekly vegetarian menus in school canteens, the end of shopping centers in natural or agricultural areas, environmental education in schools or even the power given to mayors to supervise advertising screens in the windows “

But the new law which should allow, among other measures, France to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 (compared to 1990) will, in the opinion of all specialists in the climate, insufficient, in particular with regard to the new European objective of a reduction of at least 55%.

“A form of betrayal of the president”

However, the Normand Grégoire Fraty said to himself “Proud to have participated in the adventure of the citizens’ convention for the climate” . “We have achieved great things, we have pushed Macron on ecology further than he had initially imagined. There are certainly some missing, frustrating things, but also some great victories ”, he judges.

The analysis: Climate bill, the account is not there

The organizations defending the environment or engaged on the climate front, which have supported the proposals of the climate convention, are clearly more critical. A few dozen activists had moved near the National Assembly, at the same time as the bill was voted.

In front of a banner proclaiming “A five-year term lost for the climate”, they expressed their anger. “When we look in detail, none of the measures of the convention are written into the law as they were initially thought, everything has been planed”, says Céleste Duriez, of the Climate Action Network. “A vegetarian menu per week in the canteens is good, but this is not what will structurally curb greenhouse gas emissions”, adds Manon Castagné, Friends of the Earth.

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