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When they were still children, the Tour de France was “games on the beach, in summer, in Pléneuf-Val-André (22). With marbles and small bikes, and circuits traced in the sand with the cousins ​​”. But, for six months, the Tour, hardly a day passes without being told about it. What could be more astonishing? Anne and Lucille Commault, just 30 years old, produced the poster for the 108th edition. The one that starts this Saturday, June 26 from Brest. “It’s just a little crazy thing,” sums up one of the twins, smiling from ear to ear. Based in Rennes – where they grew up – the duo is at the head of a creative agency specializing in graphic arts, La Jum’s Factory.

(The Jum’s Factory)

Great freedom, little time

With a little back-pedaling, it all started at the end of September 2020, with a phone call. “The Brittany Region asked us if we wanted to compete on a poster project for the Tour,” explains Lucille. “We don’t know who, but someone must have mentioned our name, imagines his sister. In Pléneuf, our work was little known, with the posters for the Val-André triathlon, which we have been designing since 2017 ”. The two sisters are enthusiastic from the outset: “This is the kind of proposition that does not come up often”, summarizes Anne.

The Breton twins Lucille and Anne featured in the Tour
(The Jum’s Factory)

We have a real nostalgia for these old tourist posters, these advertisements from the 1950s, very colorful

“We also had creative freedom. The only thing we were asked to do was deliver two projects. With a reference to Brittany, to cycling and two or three other tips… And above all, to do it very, very quickly! ”An emergency that was due to the delay, in September, of the last edition. And which shortened the time needed to prepare for the next one. “We put everything on stand-by and we only devoted ourselves to that,” explains Anne. Who also remembers that “everything came quite quickly, at the level of ideas. It is also the advantage of having less time. We ask ourselves fewer questions. We gain a lot in efficiency ”.

A well-oiled tandem

Especially since hearing the two sisters, the tandem is perfectly oiled! “We are used to discussing all our projects. The other always has a fresh eye, even if we each have the things we prefer to do ”. For Lucille the lines, for Anne the colors. And often, this graphic identity which marks their creations: a completely assumed retro influence. “We have a real nostalgia for these old tourist posters, these very colorful advertisements from the 1950s,” smiles Anne. Add to that the modern touch naturally brought by digital tools, and you get the “Commault touch”.

That’s good, sport, we love

After that, to say that finding themselves winners last October will have changed their lives would be missing the truth. “Paradoxically, we had a lot of work already,” explains Lucille. “But it’s true that since then, things have changed. We had proposals that would probably not have been made to us otherwise. And that’s good, sport, we love ”. And the feeling that having had the approval of the Tour was perceived, in the community, as a form of Grail which often cut short any form of debate. A bit like the “Seen on TV” of the 1990s? “I think there is really a bit of that,” the twins agree.

Magic of the Tour

The coming days will also be quite busy. “We have been in great demand lately,” explains Lucille Commault. Invited to the eight Breton stopover towns. Each time, with great encounters, with all kinds of people. Including former runners, like Bernard Thévenet ”. And the possibility, each time, to measure all the fervor displayed around the Tour. “It further amplified our relationship with this race. We realize the passion that unfolds wherever he goes, ”assures Anne, clearly touched by this same fervor.

And who will still have the opportunity to take a good dose over the next few days: “We were invited to Brest this Saturday for the start. We will also be in Pontivy (56) and Saint-Brieuc. And we will try to follow another step in July ”. In the mountains ? “Maybe, Lucille risks. No matter in fact, wherever it is, it will be magic! “

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