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Afghan Taliban leaders replaced women’s ministry with an all-male “ministry of vices and virtues” tasked with upholding the group’s rigid interpretation of Islam

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan Taliban leaders have replaced the women’s ministry with an all-male “ministry of vices and virtues” tasked with upholding the group’s rigid interpretation of Islam.

Saturday’s decision was the latest to revert to the group’s harsh rule of the 1990s that placed deep restrictions on women.

The Taliban in the new ministry said they had not been made aware of the location or planning of a new women’s ministry.

Also on Saturday, staff from the World Bank’s $ 100 million Women’s Economic Empowerment and Rural Development program were escorted from the scene.

A member of the program, Sharif Akhtar, who was escorted with his staff, could not explain how or if the program could continue.



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UNITED NATIONS – The UN Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution stressing that the new Afghan Taliban leadership must establish an inclusive government with “the full, equal and meaningful participation of women and respect for human rights”.

The resolution adopted by the most powerful UN body on Friday extends the current mandate of the UN political mission in Afghanistan by six months. It also underlines “the important role that the United Nations will continue to play in the promotion of peace and stability in Afghanistan”.

The resolution, drafted by Norway and Estonia, essentially delays a Security Council decision on a new mandate for the UN mission, known as UNAMA, until March 17, 2022, giving members the time to assess the actions of the Taliban government in the coming years. month.

In a joint statement to the Council, Norway and Estonia said the resolution “sends a unified message that we support the UN’s efforts in Afghanistan going forward.”

The resolution ensures that the UN mission can continue to monitor and report on human rights, protection of civilians, violations and abuses against children, “and support the full, equal and of women at all levels of decision-making ”.


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