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After a vote of no confidence in parliament against Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, the latter resigned on June 28, avoiding the holding of early parliamentary elections. However, he said he was ready to resume his post.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven tendered his resignation on June 28, a week after he was overthrown in a vote of no confidence, leaving the Speaker of Parliament with the task of trying to find a new head of government.

The Social Democratic leader, who had until June 28 to announce his decision, thus rules out the alternative option of early elections which, according to him, is “not what is best for the Sweden”. Stefan Löfven has been Prime Minister of Sweden since 2014 and has so far been renowned for his ability to survive political crises.

“One year before the usual elections, given the extraordinary situation in which the country finds itself, with an ongoing pandemic and the particular challenges that this would entail, early elections are not what is best for the Sweden, ”Stefan Löfven said at a press conference. “For this reason, I asked the President of the House to be removed from my post as Prime Minister,” he added.

Stefan Löfven ready to resume his post depending on parliamentary negotiations

Stefan Löfven, who last week became the country’s first head of government to lose a vote of no confidence in parliament, however said he was ready to return to his post as part of the new parliamentary negotiations that are opening. In practice, his government remains in place but is reduced to dealing with current affairs.

It is a politically sensitive and symbolically explosive subject in Sweden which had caused the fall of the government of the former steelworker trade unionist: the regulated rents which benefit many Swedes.

The Left Party had completed its ultimatum to vote defiance with the right-wing and far-right opposition if the executive did not give up on a price liberalization project.

The seven days of negotiations led by Stefan Löfven to try to find a new majority in his favor only ended in dead ends.

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