breaking news Suspicious package on board a Brest-Paris TGV: passengers evacuated to Saint-Brieuc – Saint-Brieuc

breaking news

A suspicious package was detected in a train of a TGV that left Brest and bound for Paris, this Wednesday, June 16, near Guingamp. When the train arrived in Saint-Brieuc at 13:37, the police, already on site, evacuated its some 200 passengers, as well as the users of the station. Many travelers thus found themselves on the forecourt.

The deminers of Brest called

At the same time, the affected train, comprising nine cars, was placed in isolation at yard level. A team of deminers from Brest was called.

At around 2:25 p.m., travelers were allowed to return to the station. Train traffic resumed at around 2.45 pm. At around 3.20 pm, the owner of the baggage was identified and the suspicious package alert could be lifted.

This is the third such incident to occur in less than a month. On May 21 and 25, on the Paris-Brest line, passengers also had to be evacuated, departing from Montparnasse station and Saint-Brieuc.

Train passengers as well as station users were asked to leave the area and wait on the station forecourt. (Valentin Boudet)

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