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The great discomfort. The slap inflicted on Tuesday, June 8 by a man pushing the royalist war cry “Montjoie! St Denis ! “ during a trip to the Drôme aroused unanimous indignation on the part of political leaders. “I call for a republican start, we are all concerned, it is about the foundations of our democracy”, Prime Minister Jean Castex immediately reacted.

Should we see in this gesture the revenge of a France which would have felt humiliated by the Head of State and his alleged arrogance, as the political scientist Jean-Yves Camus suggests? The gesture of a neurotic country in full “Decompensation” following the constraints imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic? Or the illustration of a society which seems to have made violence its favorite expression? Concerned about appeasement, the Head of State – who resumed his trip on Tuesday as if nothing had happened – wanted to see only an isolated fact, committed by “Ultraviolent individuals”, as he assured at Dauphiné released.

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Violence against politicians, including senior politicians, is not new. In the midst of the Dreyfus affair, President Emile Loubet had been struck violently on the head by Baron de Christiani in the middle of the Auteuil racecourse, while young royalists started fights among the spectators. More recently, Jacques Chirac had been insulted (“Asshole”), while the former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, campaigning for the primary of the left in early 2017, was also slapped on the sidelines of a trip to Brittany. The mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, had meanwhile received, in 2002, a stab from an imbalance. And the legislative candidate in Paris, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, had been pushed around in a market in 2017.

“Within range of yelling”

Macron, who has repeatedly boasted of placing himself “Within range of yelling” of the French during his travels, has himself been attacked several times since 2017. Between the two rounds of the presidential election, he criticized his teams for wanting to protect him too much, while they were trying to dissuade him from meet with trade unionists from Whirlpool in Amiens, in a climate of great tension: “If you listen to the security guys, you end up like Hollande. Maybe you are safe, but you are dead. “ Muscular, the meeting with the workers had turned to the advantage of the candidate of En Marche! and sealed the victory to come.

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