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Ewen (11 and a half years old) and Érine (10 years old): What made you want to make music?

Soprano: I am from the 80 generation (he was born in 79, Editor’s note). I discovered music with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album. I also come from a family in which we sang a lot. Attending a Koranic school, I thus integrated around 5-6 years old a religious group, a choir a little comparable to a gospel ensemble, which animated the festivals and Sundays.

Ewen (11 ½ years old): Did your family encourage you?

Of Comorian origin, my parents did not really support me to follow this path. It must be said that with rap and the group NTM, for example, we were quite far from the Koranic school. For at least ten years, music, for them, was not possible. It was simply “No”. So much so that I released my first album with Psy 4 de la Rime in 2002 without them knowing it. The record then became Gold Disc. In short, we were hiding.

Robin (13 years old) and Romain (12 years old): What job would you have had if you hadn’t been a singer?

I was lucky enough to know what I wanted very early on. Some of my friends looked for each other until they were 30 or even 40. Besides, some are still looking for each other! Me, I never asked myself the question. But, since I like computers, I might have liked to be a computer scientist.

Robin (13 years old) and Romain (12 years old): What sport did you play when you were a teenager?

I played football, like all Marseillais. But, alas, I had two left feet and they were not Zidane’s. Otherwise, I practiced badminton and viet vo dao (Vietnamese martial art). I also did a lot of chess that I took over a year ago, like everyone else, after seeing the series “The game of the lady”.

On this tour, we have prepared a setting that offers the public to visit our ship

Érine (10 years old): How do you feel on stage?

Me, I make records to do concerts. There, I am in direct contact with people and I feel like I am useful for at least 1.5 hours of their life. My new album, “Star Hunter”, will be released on September 3rd. On this tour, we have therefore prepared a setting that invites the public to visit our ship. On stage, I am accompanied by a guitarist and a keyboard as well as my two brothers who do the backing vocals. In Landerneau (29), we are going to sing the best songs from my previous albums as well as two songs from the next one: “Près des étoiles” and “Dingue”.

Robin (13 years old) and Romain (12 years old): Do you know Brittany?

Two years ago, I played at the Arena in Brest. It was also the last concert before the covid. From experience, I can say that the Breton public is boiling hot.

Bruno (14 years old): Which collaboration has marked you the most?

I remember a duet with Ed Sheeran on a TV show or a collaboration with Patrick Fiori who, like me, grew up in Marseille.

Bruno (14 years old): Do you have other projects apart from music?

I created the Soprano Foundation which works in Africa, and more specifically in the Comoros, in order to provide medical and health assistance. An action that took on even more meaning during the health crisis.

All the news of the Fête du Bruit 2021

Thank you to our Soprano fans and budding journalists: Ewen, Robin, Romain, Érine and Bruno. Soprano concert this Thursday, July 22, at 10 p.m., at the Jardins de la Palud, as part of Fête du Bruit. Price: € 46.50 (normal), € 36 (under 12)

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