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” I was scared. I didn’t want to go to jail ”. To escape it, the young defendant who appeared on Monday June 21, his 20th birthday before the Saint-Malo criminal court, took incredible risks. While he was engaged in drug trafficking in the Lorette district on the afternoon of Friday, June 18, the young man from Dinan was spotted by a patrol of the anti-crime brigade. Despite the police sirens, he fled in his car, which he drove without a license.

A policeman dragged 20 meters

In the commercial sector of La Madeleine and in the middle of heavy traffic, he collided with a car but did not stop its course which led him to La Passagère, on the banks of the Rance. In a cul-de-sac, he is cornered by the police. One of the officials tries to apprehend him as he tries to escape by hitting the police vehicle. In his attempt to escape, he held back the official’s arm and dragged him about twenty meters before the latter struck a parking block. The police officer was notified of 60 days of total incapacity for work. Fleeing on foot in the Quelmer sector with a box containing 170 grams of cannabis and the money he hoped to hide, he was finally apprehended.

The defense pleads the young age

“Afraid? asks Me Frédéric Birrien, lawyer for civil servants. But he was not afraid to endanger other people and police officials! He was ready for anything, whatever the cost! “.

The defendant’s lawyer, Me Marie-Pierre Scapin, who pleads his young age, his immaturity and his penchant for cannabis protests against the 36 months in prison, including 12 of reprieve requested by the public prosecutor.

Lost sentence: the court follows to the letter the requisitions of the prosecution and, in addition to prison, condemns Andreas Ziglini to an obligation of care and training.

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