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There will therefore not have been the dreaded thunderclap. No region falls into the fold of the National Rally (RN) on the evening of the second round of regional elections, Sunday June 27, marked by a strong abstention, at 65.7% according to estimates, barely lower than last Sunday, where participation reached 33.9%.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

After an uncertain in-between rounds, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region finally remains with the outgoing president (Les Républicains, LR) Renaud Muselier, who obtains 57.7% of the vote, according to the first estimates of Ipsos- Sopra Steria for France Télévisions, Radio France and The Parliamentary Channel, against 42.3% allocated to the candidate of the National Rally (RN), Thierry Mariani. On the evening of the first round, Renaud Muselier, who had struck an agreement with La République en Marche (LRM), came second (31.91%), behind Thierry Mariani (36.38%). He benefited from the withdrawal from the list of the ecologist Jean-Laurent Félizia, who came third Sunday, June 20 with 16.89% of the vote.


Unsurprisingly, the president (ex-LR) of the region, Xavier Bertrand, who won by far in the first round (41.39%) won with 53% of the vote, against his opponent from the RN, Sébastien Chenu (25 , 6%), who had achieved a poor performance last Sunday (24.37%) or 20 points behind Marine Le Pen in 2015. Arrival third last Sunday (18.99%), the union candidate of the left, Karima Delli, totals 21.4% of the votes in the second round. Not qualified, the majority list, led by Laurent Pietraszewski, had withdrawn and its representatives had called for Xavier Bertrand to vote.


The outgoing president, Marie-Guite Dufay (PS), wins with 42.5% of the vote, in a quadrangular. Arrived in the lead on Sunday June 20, it was followed by RN Julien Odoul and LR Gilles Platret. On the evening of the second round, the far-right candidate obtained 23.7% of the vote, just below that of the right, at 24.4%. Macronist Denis Thuriot, who came fourth in the first round but who had decided to hold on, with 11.69%, did less with 10% in the second.


Unsurprisingly, the Socialist Party retains the region, chaired by Carole Delga since 2015. It obtains 57.8% of the vote Sunday, June 27, after obtaining 40% last Sunday. His RN opponent, Jean-Paul Garraud (22% in the first round), totaled 23.9% of the vote in the second. Unlike Ile-de-France, the left had not united for the second round. The LR candidate, Aurélien Pradié, who had obtained a disappointing score (12.19%) in the first round, achieves 18.3% of the votes in the second.

New Aquitaine

President of the region since 1998, the socialist Alain Rousset, who came first on Sunday, June 20 in this left-wing bastion (28.83% of the votes cast) won with 39.3% of the votes, against 18.9% allocated to candidate RN Edwige Diaz (18.21% in the first round), as part of a quinquangular. Representative of the majority from the MoDem, the Minister for Veterans, Geneviève Darrieussecq, obtains 13.2% (she had 13.71% in the first round). The LR candidate and former mayor of Bordeaux, Nicolas Florian, obtains 14.3%. Tied with the leader of EELV-Generation. s, Nicolas Thierry, outgoing vice-president of the regional council, who totals 14.3% of the vote.


The outgoing PS president, Loïg Chesnais-Girard, took the advantage last Sunday, coming in first with nearly 21% of the vote, against 16.28% for the LR candidate Isabelle Le Callennec. He wins this evening with 30.5% of the vote. Loïg Chesnais-Girard had sealed an alliance with the sixth man in the first round, environmentalist Daniel Cueff, who obtained 6.52% of the vote. The former deputy of Chesnais-Girard, Thierry Burlot, invested by the majority, was third in the first round (15.53%). He only gets 15% in the second round. LR candidate Isabelle Le Callennec comes second with 22.1% of the vote. The candidate EELV / Generations. s Claire Desmares-Poirrier obtains 19.8%. RN candidate Gilles Pennelle comes last with 13.5%.


Unsurprisingly, the outgoing president, Laurent Wauquiez, who came largely in the lead last Sunday, won with 55.9% of the vote. He is ahead of the ecologist Fabienne Grébert (32.7%), at the head of a list born from the merger with those of the socialist Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and Cécile Cukierman (PCF-LFI). The RN candidate, Andréa Kotarac, who had recorded a severe disappointment on Sunday, obtained 11.4% of the vote.


Outgoing president Jean Rottner (LR-UDI), who had a solid lead, won with 39% of the vote, ahead of RN Laurent Jacobelli (27.1%), and the union candidate of the left, Eliane Romani (21.1%). Minister Brigitte Klinkert (LRM-MoDem), who held on, made 12.7% of the vote.


At the head of the region for fourteen years, the outgoing PS president, François Bonneau (24.81% in the first round), was counting on his alliance with environmentalists to obtain a victory. He won Sunday with 38.5%, ahead of RN candidate Aleksandar Nikolic (22.7%) and LR Nicolas Forissier (22.7%). The Minister of Relations with Parliament, Marc Fesneau, from the ranks of the Modem, obtained 16.1% of the vote.

Pays de la Loire

The outgoing regional president, Christelle Morancais (LR), came largely in the lead in the first round with 34.29%, ahead of ex-LRM deputy Matthieu Orphelin (18.70%), an environmentalist close to Nicolas Hulot. In the second round, she faced a list of union of the left led by Matthieu Orphelin. The list of the Angevin candidate (EELV-LFI, 18.70%) had merged with that of the socialist Guillaume Garot (16.32%). Christelle Morcancais won with 46.3% of the votes against 34.6% allocated to Matthieu Orphelin. The former minister of ecological transition François de Rugy, who held on in the second round, recorded 8.3% of the vote. The candidate of RN Hervé Juvin, obtains 10.8%.


In Normandy, it is another outgoing who won first place. In a favorable ballot in the first round, former minister Hervé Morin was elected with 44.2% of the vote, surpassing his opponent from the National Rally (RN) Nicolas Bay (20.1%) by 24 points. No list had withdrawn for the second round, rendering a valuable service to the centrist. Majority candidate, Laurent Bonnaterre arrived 4e with 9.7% of the vote behind Mélanie Boulanger (Socialist Party, Europe Ecology the Greens and Génération. s, 25.9%).


In Corsica, the nationalist Gilles Simeoni (Fà Populu Inseme, “bringing people together”), outgoing president of the executive, secured his re-election, winning 39.7% of the vote. He is ahead of the list of the right-wing candidate Laurent Marcangeli (Un Soffiu Novu, “a new breath for Corsica”) by 32.1% and the nationalist Jean-Christophe Angelini (Avanzemu pè un Populu Vivu, “Avançons pour un personnes vivant ”) At 15.2%.

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