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The Reims prosecutor’s office requested four years in prison against a former DGSI officer for sexual assault on a minor and possession of child pornography images. The accused was “suspended from his duties”.

The Reims prosecutor’s office requested on June 22 four years in prison against a former officer of the DGSI (General Directorate of Internal Security) for sexual assault by a person having authority over a 17-year-old girl as well as for possession and consultation of child pornography images, according to AFP.

The prosecutor Matthieu Bourrette requested four years in prison accompanied by three years of obligation of socio-judicial monitoring, failure to respect which would result in 18 additional months in prison, a ban for five years from carrying a weapon and any activity. professional in connection with minors as well as a registration in Fijais (automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual or violent offenses). The decision was put under advisement as of September 14.

Released from pre-trial detention in May 2020, the man arrived at court with his wife and the hearing was held behind closed doors at the request of the complainant’s lawyer (who was not present). The request was accepted by the prosecutor because of the “national interest” character of this case as well as by the lawyers of the defendant and of the Children’s Foundation.

This former departmental manager of the DGSI regularly consulted child pornography sites

The man, aged 59, was previously departmental manager of the DGSI for the Ardennes and had been indicted in June 2019 in this case. In April 2019, a woman in her twenties filed a complaint against him in Reims for acts of rape and sexual assault that she said she suffered when she was 17.

Placed in custody, the man had admitted sexual touching on the complainant “always in a consensual manner” and had denied “any act of penetration of any kind whatsoever”. He had also maintained to have “fallen in love” with the young woman and had specified never to have “forced her to anything”.

This father had also admitted to regularly consult child pornography sites and download a large number of photos of very young girls. The prosecutor then specified that “as soon as the facts were revealed”, he had been “disarmed by his superiors” then, since the end of April, “administratively suspended from his functions”.

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