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Already partially in force since Wednesday, the deputies voted on the night of Thursday 22 to Friday 23 July for the controversial health pass, one of the flagship measures of the new anti-Covid bill, the examination of which plays an extension.

The deputies adopted by 132 votes against 106, shortly before 12:40 a.m., article 1 of the health crisis management bill which extends the scope of this tool presented by the government as the best weapon against the rebound. of the Covid-19 epidemic.

With less than 400 amendments still to be considered, the vote on the new anti-Covid bill should only take place at the end of the night, barring an accident.

The passing of arms between the government and the oppositions continued throughout the evening of Thursday with the climax of a provision of this ninth text “Covid-19” since March 2020, paving the way for a dismissal for workers in establishments receiving the public who refuse to obtain a health pass (complete vaccination course or recent test).

A government amendment with the stated objective of softening this controversial provision did not convince left and right, who denounced a “Brutality” even a “Monstrosity”. “The spirit is not to send people away but to encourage vaccination”, justified the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

Point : Health pass: where will it be required from July 21? What tests will be accepted? The questions posed by its extension

“There is an urgent need to legislate”

Against the advice of the executive and in a close ballot, the deputies opposed the health pass in the afternoon for all patients and visitors to hospitals and retirement homes.

The Socialist group also had an amendment adopted shortly before midnight removing the penalty for the fraudulent use of the health pass of five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros.

In a very hurry, the government wants to adopt the health pass, which has been further extended and compulsory vaccination for certain professions by the end of the weekend after four days of parliamentary debate. “There is an urgent need to legislate”, said Olivier Véran.

But in a hemicycle where despite the late hour the benches have remained filled, the discussions are skidding. The inflexibility of the government, the gaze fixed on the contaminations curves, responds to the pugnacity of the oppositions who defend their amendments step by step.

The majority are united but small dissonant music is heard like those of the “walkers” Pacôme Rupin or Stella Dupont. “We need flexibility in this text”, argued the deputy La République en Marche.

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While the vaccination obligation extended to caregivers, firefighters or even professionals working with the elderly is almost universally accepted, this is not the case for the extension of the health pass, scheduled for early August in coffee shops, the object of strong criticism from the left to the far right.

“We have two choices: pass the pass, quickly, very quickly (…) or expose ourselves to the risk of having to reconfigure our country ”, justified Mr. Véran before the Senate Law Commission.

In front of the senators, Jean-François Delfraissy, the president of the scientific council, said to fear “A complex, very complex situation” at the hospital at the end of August.

“Today’s figures are not good”, underlined Mr. Véran. Nearly 22,000 cases have been identified in twenty-four hours, according to figures from Public Health France published Thursday evening, the highest since May 5.

In Martinique, where the population is not vaccinated very much, the health authorities fear a “Surging” in the hospital. For Guadeloupe where the situation is very degraded, the Assembly voted a government amendment aimed at reinstating the state of health emergency. This should be implemented by decree before the law is enacted.

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Mask mandatory outdoors in some municipalities

New measures such as the return to the compulsory mask outdoors have been taken for the municipalities of Var, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Hérault and Vendée. In the Pyrénées-Orientales, wearing a mask will even be compulsory from Saturday in places subject to a health pass.

The incidence rate is increasing especially among 12-17 year olds and 18-29 year olds, two age groups where the number of vaccinated remains very low. The executive is planning specific vaccination campaigns for young people, especially in schools at the start of the school year.

“The vaccine, we debate it, pass it, we don’t want it”, was the slogan of a demonstration of 200 people Thursday in Paris in front of the Senate, at the call of François Asselineau (UPR). BFM-TV journalists were attacked by demonstrators and the 24-hour news channel said it was going to file a complaint.

A new demonstration against the health pass is scheduled for Saturday in Paris, Place du Trocadéro.

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