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breaking news Minnesota attorney general says the outcome of the Chauvin case “is not enough”

breaking news

CNN political commentator Van Jones reacted moments after the judged sentenced Derek Chauvin to 22 1/2 years in prison, calling the sentence “very disappointing” and saying the judge should have handed down the maximum possible penalty for the murder of George Floyd.

“I know people doing 15 years for nothing, for victimless crimes of drug possession,” said Jones, referring to the minimum time Chauvin is likely to serve in the case. “Very disappointing.”

Jones pointed to aggravating factors the judge had identified in the case, saying they should have resulted in harsher sentence both as a punitive measure for Chauvin, but also as a warning to other law enforcement officials.

“Any one of those aggravators, what this man did, it should’ve been the maximum of the maximum,” said Jones. “It’s a punch in the gut.”

“Law enforcement across the country should look at something like this and say, look, you can’t do this type of stuff, you’re never going to come back home,” Jones said. “It’s disappointing.”

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