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His critics have made his defeat in the regional elections a symbol. That of the failure of Macronie. The debacle of the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, in the Hauts de France, is it not that of a novice in politics, thinking of overturning the table with a few scathing sentences and a program based essentially on the record of the government? A “Parisian” campaign, disconnected from the field, and therefore ineffective, according to its opponents. “There are some who like Parisian salons. There are those who like large offices in Lille. I prefer the terrain, the terrain, the terrain, and I won’t change ”, criticized his victorious opponent, Xavier Bertrand, during the campaign.

Like other members of the government, who have “Wet their shirt”, the Keeper of the Seals is now on one knee. Launched late in the race for regional to relaunch the list led by the Secretary of State in charge of pensions, Laurent Pietraszewski, he failed in his mission. The candidate of the Republic on the move (LRM), was eliminated in the first round of the ballot. And the Keeper of the Seals will go on Sunday June 27 to vote ” without hesitation ” for his “adversary”, Xavier Bertrand, opposed to the “enemy”, Sébastien Chenu of the National Rally (RN).

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Others before him would have paid for this electoral sanction. In the ranks of the opposition, we recall not without malice “Elegance” an Alain Juppé who left his ministry in 2007 after the failure in the legislative elections in his constituency of Bordeaux.

But neither Mr. Dupond-Moretti, nor Prime Minister Jean Castex, nor the fifteen members of the government swept away by the ballot box, should immediately leave the government. “There are no national consequences to be drawn from a local election, except on participation”, recalled Emmanuel Macron, during the Council of Ministers on June 23.

“We must not sanctify failure”

If he had not foreseen such a disappointment for the presidential majority, the head of state had anticipated defeat. So that it does not reflect on him, less than a year from the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron prefers not to make it a tragedy. “We must not sanctify failure”, explains a “walker”. “We conducted a dignified campaign with good candidates”, also relativizes Stanlislas Guerini, boss of LRM.

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