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You are seven points ahead of Isabelle Le Callenec but you do not reach the 33% absolute majority. Is this 29.84% a good score?

I have a majority that is there, with men and women in the service of Brittany. And a team that I will compose during the week. This majority, it is real, it exists and it will work. Having succeeded in bringing together 30% of voters is a very good push. I remain the youngest regional president in France. It is also very good news for Brittany.

Will you work with the other lists, in particular that of the ecologists of Claire Desmares-Poirrier (18.79%)?

No, I’m going to work with the men and women that the Bretons have put in front. I will work hard, in a hemicycle once again chosen by the voters. I will gather my majority tomorrow morning to work and prepare for our first session which will take place next Friday.

Does that mean that with 40 seats, depending on the projects you want to implement, you will have to find a majority each time?

I am a man of consensus, a man who knows how to bring together. We will see in the coming weeks and months those who will want to enrich my project. I have modest victory. We will have to settle down and also see each other very quickly, with the leaders of each team, to determine how to work together. For the moment, the Bretons and Bretons have made a choice. I thank them, I am very proud. I have a very good team around me. I am in absolute serenity.

What about abstention, once again a record, which reached 63.6% of the vote?

It is massive and damages our democracy. We cannot be satisfied with it, we must obviously take it into account and act to remind French women and men that voting has an impact on their lives, from local elections to the national level. In any case, today I have a stable, strong majority, which allows me to govern in Brittany and to move forward on the projects that we will be proposing.

You say thank you to Jean-Yves Le Drian?

I thank him for the work that we have done for ten years and for allowing me to succeed him. He did not speak on this ballot, it is his choice. Now, it is once again the Bretons who elected me that I thank above all.

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