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breaking news John Cena Recalls Being The Guest From Hell At His Own Brother’s Wedding

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John Cena, the actor and Experian pitchman, might be your guy to get a credit score. But he’s not someone to rely on as a wedding guest.

The “Hashtags” subject was “wedding fails” on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday, and Cena contributed a doozy. (Watch the video above.)

The “F9” star recalled that he paid for the open bar at his brother Matt’s wedding as a gift but things got out of hand. “I found out it was a mistake when my brother Dan and I got into a fistfight in the middle of the dance floor and closed the wedding down,” he told host Jimmy Fallon.

Cena said you could tell who were guests and who were members of the Cena family by their reactions. The guests called on someone to stop the two and “the Cena family was like, ‘No, no, let ’em figure it out.’”

The pro wrestler didn’t say who won.

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