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The Tunisian government announced on June 25 a strengthening of health restrictions in an attempt to curb the Covid-19 epidemic. In many hospitals across the country, nursing staff are struggling with a lack of equipment. Reportage.

The recent deterioration of the health situation in Tunisia worries the authorities: on June 25, a tightening of restrictions was decreed by the government in order to cope with an acceleration of the epidemic. In addition to the governorates of Beja (north-west), Siliana, Zaghouan (north) and Kairouan (center), already confined since June 20, 28 delegations (administrative districts) out of more than 250 should in turn be placed in confinement in due to a high incidence rate of Covid-19. According to the Ministry of Health, 90% of hospitals have reached their maximum capacity.

The daily average of deaths has reached 82 deaths per day over the past week. This toll is close to the record of 89 deaths per day over a week recorded at the end of April, according to the spokesperson of the ministry, Nissaf Ben Aleya.

In this context, health personnel are faced with a lack of human and material resources: “We are tired, exhausted, it is a reality. We can no longer bear to see patients die before our eyes and be unable to come to their aid or provide them with oxygen ”, relates Leila, nurse at Ibn Jazzar hospital located in Kairouan, at the microphone of our correspondent Bacem Chebbi.

“[La] situation is no longer possible. There is even one of my medical colleagues who was attacked because of that, ”she emphasizes.

For his part, the director of the regional health agency of Kairouan, Mohamed Roussi, evokes a “very serious” health situation. It is explained, according to him, by a low vaccination rate and non-compliance with barrier gestures.

According to a count published by AFP on June 25, the country has 395,362 confirmed cases and 14,406 deaths. 1.7 million people have received at least one dose, but Tunisia is struggling to find the necessary vaccines to speed up its vaccination campaign launched last March.

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