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Monet, Dufy, Rodin, Tugdual Borel have seen works by great masters. This time, the Briochin auctioneer has an original Picasso drawing in his hands. A sketch on bullfighting that he gave, in 1961, to a certain Pilar, wife of a bullfighter friend. The artist was then 80 years old.

“It is not an accomplished work, it is a gift made in grease pencil. It is above all a testimony to history ”, rejoices Master Borel. “Everything is said in this sketch. Behind this fairly simple, even simplistic drawing, we see a multitude of messages. Beyond the bull and the toreador, there is an opposition between a world of color and the announced death, symbolized by its dark hues. And then, there is this homage paid to this woman, while the artist almost prostrates himself in front of her by affixing a large signature to it at the bottom of the drawing. This work is fascinating ”.

(The Telegram / Laurent Marc)

Estimated between € 25,000 and € 30,000, it will be auctioned off at the Saint-Brieuc auction house on November 27. But before that, the drawing will be exhibited at a prestigious sale that Armor Auctions is carrying out on July 17, in Perros-Guirec. Moreover, on occasion, Picasso enthusiasts will discover an earthenware dish, decorated by the artist, before entrusting it to a factory to reproduce it.

Who wants to afford an exceptional car?

To vary the pleasures, this July 17 always, but at Hamon Automobiles this time, in Saint-Brieuc, Armor auctions will sell a collector’s item of a completely different kind. In this case, it is about a car registered to 17 specimens, only. A rarity. A beauty like no other, imagined by a brilliant mathematician passionate about cars. Refined, racy, a bit futuristic, the Coste C1 is cut for performance.

Jacques Coste was inspired by the Ferrari 330 P4, beaten at Le Mans in 1967 by the Ford GT40, but then victorious at Daytona. The inventor-builder, who in the meantime has given up maths first realizes a miniature at 1 / 43rd. Then comes the prototype and finally a presentation at the motor show in Paris, in 1992. The beast was born, with a tubular aluminum frame, a V6 engine from Peugeot and a Z block adopted by Venturi.

Coste C1
26 copies of the Coste C1 have been produced. Only 17 were registered. (Armor auction)

26 copies

Bubble-shaped windshield, insect-like mirrors, the Coste C1 takes the codes of a GT half-cut, half-spider. Inside, the speedometer blithely displays 340 km / h. The leather upholstery brings a touch of luxury.

Offered, at the time, between 330,000 francs (50,300 €) and 440,000 (67,000 €), enthusiasts could pay a little less (22,867 € or 150,000 francs) for a kit version. “26 copies were sold, including 23 as a kit. But only 17 were registered ”, details Tugdual Borel. “When you are in front, something is happening”. Estimated between 30,000 and 50,000 €, the auctions will start at 20,000 €.

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