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After supporters whistled Irish players kneeling down – a gesture practiced since the death of George Floyd – during a match in Budapest, Orban stressed that Hungary had “never been affected by human trafficking. slaves ”.

On June 10, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, defended the spectators who had whistled two days before the Irish players having fallen to one knee during a friendly match in Budapest, one of the host cities of the next Euro. In this regard, the president of Fidesz declared that the Hungarians knelt in only three cases: “Before God, before the motherland, and before the woman they love.”

According to Viktor Orban, this gesture symbol of anti-racism appeared after the death of George Floyd and consisting of putting one knee on the ground “has no place on a sports field”. The Hungarian head of government considered that it was “not a solution” to bring such a moral and historical “burden” in a country like Hungary which “has never been concerned by the slave trade”.

If you are invited to a country, make an effort to understand its culture and do not provoke local residents

“If you are invited to a country, make the effort to understand its culture and do not provoke local residents,” continued the sovereignist leader. He therefore said he agreed with the supporters, even if the method chosen to show their disapproval is “not always the most elegant”.

Four Euro football matches (June 11-July 11) are on the program in Budapest, the only Euro site in full measure. The first will pit Hungary against defending champion Portugal on June 15 and the second will pit Hungary against world champion France on June 19. The brand new Puskas Arena stadium will also host the France-Portugal match on June 23 and a round of 16 on June 27.

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