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Only 500 meters separate the municipal stadium and the home of the Bogue d’Or Questembert, today’s destination. Sufficient distance to measure the notoriety of Antoine Oillaux and Patrice Rossetto, honorary presidents of the football section. Because behind this local popularity is revealed a club engagement of half a century, for the first, aged 83, and almost 30 years, for his junior (66 years). Educator, trainer, president: the two veterans experienced everything at the Bogue d’Or and remain active.

No wonder the first of the two was chosen as conductor for the centenary festivities, celebrated in 2009. “The first four sections of the Bogue d’Or were founded in 1909, to prepare for war. It was gymnastics, table tennis, music and football, unrolls Antoine Oillaux. His name came naturally. From La Vraie-Croix (56) to Redon (35), it is the land of chestnuts. Moreover, Questembert, in Breton, literally means that (“Kisten” (country), “berh” (chestnut)) “.

Toasting with cups and disturbed projection

History is illustrated at the home of the association. Inside, Patrice Rossetto passionately presents the first medals won at Carnac, Locminé or Vannes in the early 1910s. Up high, in the main room, dozens of trophies compete with a framed Stade Rennais jersey, 2006- season. 2007.

From La Vraie-Croix to Redon, it is the land of chestnuts. Moreover, Questembert, in Breton, literally means that

Centenary, the “BO” has accumulated, titles and even worn, cuts. “Some were thrown away, we couldn’t keep everything! Others have rusted… ”Rusted? “Glasses have been drunk from the cups, yes,” smiles Patrice Rossetto, his gaze turned towards his elder brother. We had some memorable evenings, especially above the Iris! It was the name of the cinema just under our old home. Do you remember ? “

“Oh yes, we had to win often at that time!” Laughs Antoine Oillaux. It sang, it lugged the chairs, it banged on the tables… Several times, the projectionist came to ask us to calm down, because his camera was shaking while the film was being shown below! “

“These beautiful evenings were like that, they were not even linked to a victory or a defeat, they just started at the refreshment bar, tries to explain Patrice Rossetto. On the night of the club’s 90th anniversary, we were in another home at the time, I got home at 5 am, we had to get up at 6 am to go work behind… It was hard! “

Family life, derailed and raven

A pillar of regional football, the BO strives, above all, to perpetuate the values ​​that have made its lineage. “We are a family club, we do not take the lead”, summarizes Patrice Rossetto. Even the day of a historic derailment, which saw the club bow heavily (7-1) at Coutances (Manche). “We went there with four buses of supporters, remembers Antoine Oillaux. The return had been long and silent, but despite the bitterness, there had been a hurdle of honors for the players when they arrived ”. The party was louder on the sidelines of the seventh round of the Coupe de France, lost to Stade Quimpérois (D2), in 1984 (2-4), but recognized by both as the club’s sporting Everest. “There were 2,000 spectators that day! They rewind.

In the cinema under the foyer, the projectionist’s device was shaking while the film was showing

A hundred-year-old family, who have sometimes been torn apart, too. Between 2015 and 2016, several executives were the target of threatening letters, malicious calls and texts. “We had put a camera at the entrance to the home, we were going nuts because we did not understand who it was coming from,” comments the youngest of the two figures of local volunteering. I even came, several times, at 6 am, to do a guard, from my car! The worst thing is that there was no tension within the club… ”The degradation of shirts deplored, without infringement, – € 5,000 in damage – had, finally, caused the fall of the mysterious raven, identified as a member of the bureau, at the end of 2016, by the authorities. The manager ended up confessing to the gendarmes after 36 hours in police custody. “We never knew why,” asks Patrice Rossetto. One of those unsolvable family secrets.


April 20, 1909

Creation of the first four sports sections of the Questembert Bogue d’Or: gymnastics, football,

table tennis and music.


32nd round of the Coupe de France against Stade Quimpérois (D2), lost (2-4), in front of 2,000 spectators. Best sports course of the club


Celebrations, from May 17 to June 14, of the centenary of the club

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