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What can we expect from a world champion team and finalist of the last Euro that it had everything to win, already? The answer is in the question … In talent, confidence and benchmarks, the France team has no equivalent on the starting line of the European Championship (June 11 – July 11). This is not the guarantee of success: outsider (Portugal 2016) and rank-free (Greece 2004) have already overcome the top names, but potential is an important prerequisite to go very far, to the top.

Obviously, attention is focused on the new attack Griezmann – Benzema – Mbappé. The preparation, against Wales (3-0) and Bulgaria (3-0), was convincing, confirming that these three are made to get along. Benzema, left injured (not serious, according to his coach), did not score and unusually harvested in front of goal. But their first class sequences feed more hopes than reservations. With Giroud, Coman, Dembélé, Ben Yedder and Thuram, the bench displays variety and quality.

“The best team in the world”

Attractive in front, the France team is equipped all over the field. Pogba is in good shape. Kanté is in great shape. Lloris, the hundred-year-old captain (101), does not weaken, on the momentum of his perfect 2018 World Cup, just a hook in the final.

In opposition to the usual language of wood, Benzema, Coman and Tolisso assume to say that France “has the best team in the world”. They are not wrong and rather right, with the significant exception of a defense which does not release all the guarantees of security but is 100% world champion and well protected by Kanté in front and Lloris behind.

Deschamps the guarantor of the spirit

Didier Deschamps tempers the ardor: “Soon we won’t even have to enter the field, we will have won the match! Obviously we are the France team, we are competitive, we have arguments in all positions but we must not forget that we need other things … ” – he warned on June 1, in an interview with the regional daily press, including Le Télégramme.

He is infused with winning (16 wins, three draws and one loss in the last 20 games!), Deschamps is above all the perfect anti-mutiny shield, Knysna style, anti-Club Med, South Korea 2002 style… The first round , raised against Germany (June 15) and Portugal (23), will set the tone for a Euro 2020 in which France will be the team to beat.

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