breaking news Emmanuel Macron says no to new restrictions … which are increasing in practice

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Prime Minister Jean Castex at TF1 “1 pm”, July 21, 2021, to present the measures intended to fight against the fourth wave of Covid-19 in France.

A clear and categorical refusal. A sort of presidential veto, which framed the intervention of the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, Wednesday, July 21, in the 13 hours newspaper of TF1. Before the tenant of Matignon went to the television set, a new health defense council was held at the Elysee Palace around Emmanuel Macron. With several sensitive points to be resolved, including the thorniest question: should new local restrictions be put in place?

In recent days, worried about the exponential increase in contamination, several relatives of the Head of State urged him to put a turn of the screw in the departments most affected by the resumption of the epidemic. But, during the defense council, Mr. Macron showered the ardor of supporters of the strong method: there is no question that the establishment of the health pass is accompanied by other deprivations of liberty.

“The president considers that we cannot combine the health pass with restrictions. It’s too much ”, explains a relative. Concerned about the famous “social acceptability”, Mr. Macron does not want to inflict a “Double penalty” to the French. And so add fuel to the fire, at the risk of inflating the processions of antivax and anti-sanitary pass. “The president asked for pragmatism, consistency and common sense”, according to those around him, without going all over the place.

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National discourse against local reality

Rather than ordering restrictions, which may prove difficult to apply to French people on vacation, “The priority of the moment”, it is the health-vaccination pass duo, in order to be “Sanitary effective”, underlines the Elysee. Hence the message from Mr. Castex, on TF1: to avoid “Braking measures”, “The whole strategy” consists of [élargir] the health pass and vaccination ”. Nothing else, to hear it.

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Except that, if the national power has not decreed very visible measures from Paris, several departments are already subject to restrictions, ordered by the prefects, at the local level. Since Wednesday, the wearing of the mask is thus again obligatory in the public space in certain communes of Meurthe-et-Moselle and Hérault. On Monday, the wearing of masks outdoors was also restored in 45 tourist towns in Charente-Maritime, such as Île de Ré or La Rochelle. After having already reinstated the state of health emergency in Martinique and Reunion – where a curfew has been reinstated since July 13 – the government announced Wednesday that it intended to do the same in Guadeloupe. And last week, the obligation to wear a mask outdoors, as well as the closure of restaurants and bars from 11 p.m., were decided in the Pyrénées-Orientales and Haute-Corse …

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