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A book had damaged Franco-Moroccan relations under François Mitterrand. “Our friend the king”, by Gilles Perrault, described, in civilized manner, the cruelty of the Shereefian sovereign Hassan II towards his recalcitrant subjects. Roland Dumas, then Minister of Foreign Affairs, had to make an assault on diplomacy to explain to the Makhzen (the Palace) that in France, the press remains free. From now on, it is Jack Lang who acts as “go-between”. At the beginning of his reign, Mohammed Vl, dynastic successor to the head of the Kingdom, made serious efforts to show that the “years of lead” were over and that the Moroccan democratic showcase remained a reality. The opponent Abraham Serfaty was thus authorized to return to the country. Unfortunately, this liberalism will have been above all economic, allowing the influx of investors from the Persian Gulf. Because, from the attacks of Casablanca, the terrorist test was used by the mode to limit the freedom of the press. Talented journalists have left the country or find themselves in prison, such as Omar Radi with a case of rape assembled from scratch. He has mostly been in pre-trial detention for a year, accused of “endangering the internal security of the state” since Amnesty International revealed that an Israeli company had tricked his phone into listening to him. The affair is becoming more complicated for the Moroccan authorities, sponsors of the company NSO since Mediapart revealed to us that the phones of Macron, Philippe, Le Drian and many other ministers or deputies, not to mention French journalists, had been “infected” . Even though the NSA (National Security Agency) is spying on us, we can do nothing against the Americans. But our former protectorate, close to a national security zone, the Sahel, where we have deployed 5,000 men, what a snub! This would be forgetting that we ourselves had infiltrated a DGSE agent in M6’s entourage! And that the Moroccans, who do not support the proximity of Jean-Yves Le Drian with the Algerians, sometimes know us better than we know them! In short, this new scramble, which is a great classic of Franco-Moroccan relations – as inseparable as couscous and harissa – will be all the more difficult to last as everyone spies on each other and evidence is lacking.

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