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  • David Lappartient

    The designated successor of François Goulard in case of success (more than likely) of the right in Morbihan has not yet been reelected in the canton of Séné. Blame it on this damn voting method which requires an absolute majority of votes cast and a number of votes at least equal to 25% of registered voters. But by totaling 63.7% of the vote, the UCI president will not encounter any major obstacles next Sunday, during a second round which is freed from the rules of participation.

    Mathieu Glaz

    A year after the loss of Lorient by the left, this canton presented on paper the same traps for the candidates cataloged on this edge of the political spectrum, and again dispersed like a puzzle. In this game, it is the young secretary of the Lorient PS, in office for less than a year, who is doing well and is leading with 25.7% of the vote. He starts with a head start against a diverse right-wing opponent and leaves his left-wing rivals behind, with no possibility of maintaining himself.

    Francois Cadron

    In one of the three cantons of Vannes, the former president of the rugby club wears the colors of the left in the company of Morgane Le Roux. Facing the vice-president of the UDI departmental council Gilles Dufeigneux, François Cadron and his partner total 34.3% of the votes and follow behind the outgoing. The second round promises to be one of the few hot spots in the department.

  • Romain Boutron

    The current president of the departmental council has not trembled in the canton of Loudéac and crushes adversity by totaling 64.25% of the votes in the first round. However, he too will have to wait until next Sunday to be theoretically elected, except for the coup of Trafalgar. This is due to the same rule as that applying to David Lappartient, with the difference that the political color of the next assembly is much more uncertain in the north than in the south.

    Vincent Alleno

    Eyes focused on the canton of Plaintel where Vincent Alleno, the new left-wing mayor of Plaintel (precisely), challenged Thibaut Guignard, the outgoing councilor who had competed with Alain Cadec in the senatorial elections. With a solid lead, but also with a full theoretical vote, Vincent Alleno topples in the lead with 46.4% of the vote and nine points ahead of his opponent on the right.

    Alain Cadec

    The former president of the departmental council who became a senator was again a candidate for the canton of Plérin, but does not manage to turn the head. Credited with 40.5% of the vote, Alain Cadec is on the heels of the union ticket of the left with the ecologists who are one point ahead. The National Rally and a pair of the far left will play the referees in a probably very close second round.

    Gaël Roblin

    Historical figure of Emgann, today candidate under the colors of the Breton independence left (War-Sav), Gaël Roblin was in the race for the mandate attributed to the canton of Guingamp. With his partner Maïwenn Salomon, they total the score of 8.3% of the votes and are eliminated.

  • Maël de Calan

    The bridgehead of the right and the center of Finistère, determined to bring down the Socialists in business since 1998, crushes the ballot in the canton of Saint-Pol by totaling 56.1% of the vote. But he too will have to wait until next Sunday. Because as the saying goes, the ballot continued for lack of voters …

    Nathalie Sarrabezolles

    The former socialist president of the departmental council Nathalie Sarrabezolles, tempted but failed to enter the Senate in the fall, finishes behind the candidate of the right and the center in the canton of Guipavas. Although more than five points behind Fabrice Jacob (29.6% against 35%), she and her partner seem to have a better reserve of votes for a second round at daggers drawn.

    Marc Labbey

    His successor, president of the departmental council for six months and future president if his family wins, will have to fight hard against the right-wing mayor of Plouzané Yves du Buit for a high-risk second round. The socialist candidate comes behind his opponent, but only by two points (29.5% against 27.4%). The arbitration is in the hands of another pair from the left at 22%, the RN and another pair from the right credited with just over 5%.

    David Derrien

    Better known under the name of Dédé l’Abeillaud, the eco-regionalist David Derrien failed to win in the canton of Carhaix, winning only 3.15% of the vote. It must be said that in this canton, the regionalists already had a pair, Philippe Guillemot and Corinne Nicole, who is very much in the lead.

  • Jean-Luc Chenut

    Outgoing president, Jean-Luc Chenut is in the lead in the canton of Rheu. With just over 40% of the vote, he is well ahead of his right-wing rivals and can benefit from a significant environmentalist postponement.

    Gilles Pennelle

    Head of the regional list, but also candidate for the post of departmental councilor in the canton of Val Couesnon: big electoral Sunday for RN Gilles Pennelle who also fails to overturn the table on his land. Although credited with nearly 21% of the vote, he finished third (out of three) in a ballot where left-wing candidates are leading by a short lead.

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