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La Palue in Crozon is one of the three most popular spots in Brittany, along with La Torche (29) and the Côte Sauvage, in Quiberon (56). “The quality of the waves is very good. People from all over come there. From France but also from Germany, Holland, Belgium ”, explains Thierry Belbeoc’h, former French windsurf champion, manager of a specialized store in Morgat (29) and member of the collective of users of the beaches of Crozon, which campaigns for unhindered access to the coastline.

This massive attendance is not without causing problems in the village of La Palue, which is crossed every day in summer by too many vehicles which cannot cross each other as the road is so narrow. “We do not deny these problems, continues Anne Hélène Bernard, president of the Surfing Club de Crozon. Neither those linked to wild camping, widely practiced near the sea. We took part in consultation meetings with the mayor. We have made proposals. We have the feeling of not having been listened to ”.

An open car park upstream of the village

In a few days, surfers and other beach users arriving by car will be asked to park in a field, upstream from the village, whose grass has just been cut. A plot located 1.8 km from the sea. “A free shuttle will be available to people who want to go to La Palue. It will run all day. The equipment of those who practice water sports will be transported in a trailer ”, informs the mayor Patrick Berthelot. “This shuttle will descend to the sea and go up by the one-way”.

This solution does not appeal to surfers. “When the shuttle does not turn, families will have to travel 3.6 km there and back to surf. Impossible with children, adds Anne Hélène Bernard. And the capacity of the shuttle – nine seats – is not sufficient. And then, we will always be dependent on this vehicle. It will be impossible for us to carry out rapid weather vigilance visually as before ”. The collective worked on several scenarios, in particular that of an agricultural road suitable for vehicles which would bypass the village. “And therefore no longer to bother the residents who, moreover, are not very numerous to live there all year round. We found that there were a lot of seasonal rentals in this area, ”say critics of the new traffic plan.

Surf schools will have a key to the barrier

From his office in town hall, Patrick Berthelot claims to have studied the subject. “Nothing can be done in this very sensitive sector, governed by the Coastal Law. We could not carry out this circumvention ”. The councilor also promises that the seven surf schools listed in the town will have a duplicate of the keys to the barrier which will soon hamper free access to vehicles to the site. “Their leaders will be able to access, near the water, with their students and equipment, when they want”.

In the meantime, everyone is making these arguments. “For more than twenty years we have been asking for a real development of the site, as at La Torche or elsewhere, continues the collective. Nothing is done. We asked for dry toilets and the materialization of parking spaces near the sea. Nothing was obtained. That’s not all: the long staircase leading to the beach is in a very poor state of repair and the path leading to it is completely ravaged. It’s dangerous for children ”. “We have planned changes,” replies the mayor. This summer will be a test phase. We will adjust afterwards ”.

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