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Health pass: MEPs rebel and prolong the debates

“Let us move forward, please”: this is what Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, has repeatedly pleaded before the deputies, while the bill extending the health pass requires express adoption from here the end of the weekend faced with the pressure of the Delta variant of covid-19. But this Thursday morning, 900 amendments still remained to be examined and the oppositions were determined to not let go. [Plus d’infos ici]

Covid-19: “We are clearly in an upward phase of hospitalizations and sheaves”, alert Véran

“We are clearly in an upward phase of hospitalizations and shifts. Will it go far and strong? I cannot answer you, but what I can tell you is that we started again on an increase, ”alerted Olivier Véran before the Senate Law Committee. But the Minister of Health also indicated that “general braking measures up to containment were not envisaged at this stage”. [Suivez notre direct]

Pegasus: Macron summoned an “exceptional” Defense Council

This Thursday morning, Emmanuel Macron gathered an “exceptional Defense Council dedicated to the Pegasus affair and the issue of cybersecurity,” announced Gabriel Attal. “The President of the Republic is following this file as closely as possible and takes this matter very seriously”, underlined the government spokesman on France Inter, recalling that France was continuing its investigations after the revelations on the presence of the telephones of ‘Emmanuel Macron among the potential targets of the spyware. [Plus d’infos ici]

Price of glasses imposed on opticians: € 125 million fine in France for Luxottica

The Competition Authority inflicted more than € 125 million on the eyewear manufacturer Luxottica, the world’s leading supplier, for having “imposed” in France, “on opticians, retail prices and for having prohibited them from selling on the Internet” . Two other groups, LVMH and Chanel, were themselves fined € 500,000 and € 130,000, the first for the same two reasons, the second for the sole prohibition of selling online.

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Floods in China: the death toll rises to 33 dead


Water and electricity cuts, roads blocked and incredulous residents who see the damage: this Thursday, Zhengzhou is trying to regain the upper hand after the floods which killed at least 33 people in this city in central China. With the equivalent of a year of rain in three days, the metropolis of ten million inhabitants suffered, on Tuesday, a devastating storm that engulfed a metro line and left impressive clusters of automobiles. [Plus d’infos ici]

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