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ViktorOrban, Caliph of the Hungarians, has nothing to beat. He declares himself “attached to Christian values” but the different, the foreigner, he wants it outside the walls. And he dictates law after law in this sense, muzzling the opposition, banning the reluctant press. Its last parliamentary text dates back to June 15 and assimilates, in fact, homosexuality, pornography, and pedophilia. This does not displease the very conservative neighboring Poland, whose Minister of Education described a demonstration in Warsaw in favor of LGBT freedoms “an insult to public morals”. The Slovenes are on the same wavelength, like many ancient countries once east of the Iron Curtain. In Munich, where we are certainly no less Catholic than in the former popular democracies, the city had decided to react, to recall European law which recognizes each citizen’s freedom in matters of sexuality and gender. She had decided to send the ball back to Orban by lighting up the stadium where the Germany-Hungary match was to be held in rainbow colors. But UEFA, which organizes the European games, opposed it in the name of its “political and religious” neutrality.

The argument is weak, hypocritical, and, frankly, wrong. Because the status of homosexuals, trans, etc., is neither a political option, nor a religious conviction. It is an article of European law, it is a human right to which any nation claiming to belong to Europe must subscribe. If Hungary or Poland, which have gorged themselves on Community money, wish to deviate from it, let them be logical with themselves and exclude themselves from it. Sixteen members of the European Council, including France and Germany, have just reminded Mr Orban. As for the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyden, she said that the Orban law is “a shame”. Still, in Italy whose parliamentarians are examining a text against homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, and discrimination against the disabled, the Vatican, despite the Lateran agreements (1929) did not hesitate to oppose it. , arguing that these subjects come under “divine revelation” and cannot be discussed. To which Mario Draghi, president of the council, objected that Italy “is a secular state”. Decidedly, influencers of all stripes threaten European law. Which we see how precious it is.

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