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Of the six defendants present this Thursday at the bar of the Brest court in a drug trafficking case in Brest and Quimper, five are detained, a sixth appearing free.

More than a kilo of cocaine in the car

It all started with information obtained by the narcotics brigade at the Brest police station, which wiretapped and placed spies in the vehicles of several men. The existence of traffic is not in doubt, it is a question of quality and quantity tests, of purchase price. A man and a woman make trips each in their car between Brest and the Paris region. They were both arrested on May 28, 2020 at the La Gravelle tollgate on their way back to Brittany. In the car driven by the young woman, the police found what they were looking for: 1.122 kg of cocaine, hidden in the false ceiling of the vehicle.

In front of the court, the young woman and the man, with whom she made at least two trips between Brest and Paris, cling to their version: they have a sentimental relationship and they took two cars each time for the sake of discretion, being married to him, to “enjoy together in Paris”. But these trips to “enjoy together” last only a few hours in the Parisian outskirts between Créteil and Ivry-sur-Seine. The investigation brought to light four trips to Paris. The young woman admits having participated in at least two trips, but says she was unaware of the presence of the drug.

Covid-19 interrupts traffic with Guyana

The investigation and the listening shed light on the roles of three other characters, dealers and traffickers, involved at different levels. A last arrived in the file later, in June, he was also imprisoned but for having spoken in police custody of cocaine trafficking between Guyana and the metropolis, thanks to mules who ingested “8 shells. grams ”. Traffic brutally interrupted by the covid-19 epidemic and its confinements. The man is only an intermediary, the prosecutor qualifies him as a broker, he puts the Brest traffickers in touch with Guyanese capable of supplying them with cocaine. This exhausted source, it was necessary to find other supplies analyzes the prosecutor, who thus explains the trips to Paris of the couple.

The lawyers endeavored to emphasize the amateurism of the defendants. They used text messages to communicate with their clients who could thus be found and heard and did not have a nanny, the sidekick who keeps the drugs at home. A sum of more than € 7,000 and 50 grams of cocaine are found at the home of one of the defendants, “The proceeds from the sale of a car and € 1,500 from the sale of cocaine”, he assures us.

A warrant of committal at the hearing

Following only in part the more severe prosecutor’s requisitions, the court sentenced Mouloud Laib, 28, to four years in prison, Youssef Abdessalem, 24, the traveler between Brest and Paris, to three years in prison, he is acquitted of the acts of criminal association, but a previous suspension of 2018 falls, increases his sentence by one year and he is banned from staying in Brest for three years. Sami Aouadi, 27, is sentenced to three years in prison, ban from French territory for five years. Marwane Jhider, 30, is acquitted of the facts of criminal association, sentenced for trafficking to two years in prison with a committal warrant at the hearing, while he appeared free. Audrey Maheux, 29, was sentenced to two years in prison for transporting and possessing narcotics. Finally, Joe Dikan, 28, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. All property seized during the arrests was confiscated except for a car.

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