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“I’m transitioning”… This is the expression chosen by the new president of Médecins du Monde (MDM) to describe her metamorphosis from general practitioner to head of the NGO. Elected on Saturday, June 19, for a three-year term, Carine Rolland will only be the third woman – after Françoise Sivignon – to hold this position since the foundation of the association in 1980.

If this NGO which helps 4 million human beings each year on five continents had not chosen her to take the reins of her destiny, the young fifty-something (born in Limoges in 1970), whom Nantes knows as “the doctor of migrants ”, would have closed his office anyway. “Because our entire health system is dysfunctional today. The Covid has shown the lack of hospital beds, but also revealed the deep malaise of city medicine “, summarizes the one who very early denounced the absence of masks, then the lack of tests, and more fundamentally regrets that “The general practitioner is transformed into an administrative agent”.

“It’s not easy to pay him compliments or tell him that his immense humanity is a treasure. »Osman Djallale, former undocumented migrant

She says to love above all “Treat”, pay attention and reach out to the most vulnerable. There is no doubt that her experience in Nantes will help her carry out the three missions of Doctors of the World, to whom she committed ten years ago: providing care, witnessing and supporting social change. A political approach, which, according to Benoît Letellier, emergency physician from Saint-Brieuc and thirty-year-old friend of Carine Rolland, fits like a glove to this practitioner who has always been committed to ensuring that her life reflects her values. “A student already, she had a reflection on the way the world went, was interested in many universes other than medicine and carried a commitment. A woman who was already seeing far and revisiting our models of society ”, he sums up today.

Dented destinies

Carine Rolland developed her activism in parallel with her classic consultations, to the point that her daughter Oriane, 21, recounts the triple life of her mother who, in addition to her office and her three children, has been fighting for six years for young Africans stranded on the streets. Young people traumatized by their migratory journey and abandoned by completely outdated childcare.

Marie Hénocq, member of the Cimade Bretagne association, close to the general practitioner, points to her structuring energy, “Its capacity, at the heart of August 2015, at the start of what was called “the migration crisis”, to mobilize multiple networks to provide emergency aid to young people on the streets, legal aid and food, and not to give up afterwards to make evolve the political approach to the subject ”.

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