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Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears seem perfectly aware that the world dissects everything they publish.

The 39-year-old pop star wrote two lengthy Instagram posts over the weekend. In one, the “Toxic” singer blasted her 30-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, for performing at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

“I don’t like my sister showing up at an awards ceremony and performing MY SONGS as a remix !!!!!” she wrote, adding:

“My so-called support system has hurt me deeply.”

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Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

The “Zoey 101” star appeared to react to the audience’s scolding by posting another article in which she appeared to refer to her older sister.but was just vague enough that it could be interpreted in other ways.

“The peace of the Lord be with you and your spirit ✌🏻❤️” Jamie Lynn Spears wrote on Instagram alongside a few snaps of her in a revealing red ensemble, many media reported before this legend was rewritten.

Soon after, Britney Spears posted what could have been seen as a response to her sister’s post.

“May the Lord wrap your ass with joy today,” the singer captioned a video of her dancing to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”.

Many on social media have gobbled up the alleged dig, and some have documented it on Twitter.

The two siblings’ Instagram posts were changed on Monday.

As of Monday afternoon, the caption of Jamie Lynn Spears’ Instagram post has been nothing more than the peace finger sign and heart emoji.

While Britney Spears’ dance video simply says:

“RED !!!!! Pssss… it’s Bad Guy part 2… same new dance song 💃… if you don’t like it… don’t watch it 🍒🍒🍒 !!!!!

While the all-caps word “RED” and strings of red rose and cherry emojis may be a reference to Jamie Lynn Spears’ red dress in her post, it could also be interpreted as Britney Spears seeing red. Or love. Or maybe the “Stronger” singer really likes fruit.

The point is, aside from the one post in which Britney Spears specifically names her sister, any assumptions the public makes about the siblings’ current relationship are purely speculative.


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