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Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutine met for the first time this Wednesday in Geneva. If this first meeting was “positive” according to the American president, the latter also warned his Russian counterpart. “I made it clear that we would not tolerate attempts to violate our democratic sovereignty or destabilize our democratic elections, and that we would respond,” Biden said. “I think the last thing he wants now is a Cold War” with the United States, he added.

Cyber ​​attacks in the debate

The American president insisted on cyber attacks, a strong point of contention with Russia, and indicated that he had explained to Putin that “certain critical infrastructures should be untouchable, whether by cybernetic means or otherwise”. “I gave him a list” of 16 specific entities, “ranging from the energy sector to our water distribution systems,” he said. “I pointed out to him that we had a significant cybernetic capacity and that he knew it”. If Russia violates some “basic standards, we will respond,” he added.

Beyond the attempt to interfere in the 2016 US election for the benefit of Donald Trump, massive cyber attacks have recently annoyed Washington. SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, JBS: so many operations attributed to Moscow or to groups of hackers based in Russia. Russia, which has always denied, accuses Washington of interfering in its affairs by supporting the opposition or by funding organizations and media critical of the Kremlin.

“Ridiculous comparisons”

During his press conference this Wednesday evening, Joe Biden also denounced “the ridiculous comparisons” of his Russian counterpart on human rights. Responding to a long diatribe from Putin who also gave a press conference, the US president ruled that the latter was establishing a false equivalence between a “criminal” attack on the Capitol in Washington on January 6 and peaceful protests. of people deprived of their freedom of expression in Russia. “It’s one thing for real criminals to cross the cordon, force their way into the Capitol, kill a police officer and be held accountable, it’s quite another for people to protest near the Capitol and say” you don’t let me speak freely, ”Biden said.

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